Behind the Yellow Tape Hacker Culture Expose Continues- This Time Explore the Troll Culture

By Elizabeth Hall

Internet Troll velu ill artlibre jnl
Internet Troll velu ill artlibre jnl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last Friday we at C&J once again had the pleasure of joining Joey Ortega and Behind the Yellow Tape as he went back down the rabbit hole to further explore the Hacker Culture, this time examining the difference between general hackers and the troll culture that we find   can wreak havoc on unsuspecting victims just by using the internet, and more unsettling, just because they can.  The most disturbing thing about these types of people is the enjoyment they
Beware of trolls
Beware of trolls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 recieve from these actions and the worse it is on the victim the more enjoyment they recieve. One of the best tools we have for ridding 
ourselves of one of these pests is to ignore them. By doing this simple step, they are cut out of the satisfaction they get out of victimizing someone, as it is only worth doing if they get a rise out of the intended victim.  
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