Dealing With a Fraud Psychic

You know it is true that intuitive mediums or psychics can be fraud too. You must have read articles or real experiences of people who had found out that they were dealing with a fraud psychic. In fact, a large percentage of professional psychics are a mix of liars, frauds and fakes. If you are really interested in the paranormal and you are sure that some of the psychics have real gift, how do you differentiate between the fraud psychics and the real deal?

Cold reading a popular way for a fraud psychic

Cold reading is the most common way for psychics to fake it. It has been often demonstrated by skeptics, magicians and cynics of all kinds that a cold reader can easily impress you with faking 'intuitive' information. In reality, a fraud psychic is simply doing some great guess work with 'tells' that you innocently supply without even understanding that you are doing it.

Some examples for your understanding 2 signs to catch a fraud psychic

Your body language gives away more about you than you ever thought possible! Gypsies, cold readers and magicians have been using body language to cover fake psychic scams for decades. You will never believe the amount of things you end up saying with your body and eyes without even verbally saying a thing. You can avoid this when you opt for a telephone reading instead.

General leading questions can give a fraud psychic a number of clues as well. Mediums who are fakes usually 'lead' the audience, whether in a group or as individuals with leading questions. This is an easy way to recognize a fraud psychic medium since the real mediums only require that you answer them in monosyllabic 'yes' or 'no'. If you think you are in this situation, simply cut short any leading conversation that may reveal clues to the medium.

To sum it up, there are very few psychic mediums who are for real. When you actually come across one of them, it is a great feeling and an amazing experience that can change your very being. It changes forever what you believe in or do not believe in! Understand these ways of recognizing a fraud psychic to be able to enjoy a real intuitive experience.

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  1. Yes I would agree there are Charlatans out there but would we really ever know?

    I have a Psychic Reading website with real psychic readers that work on it.

    Love And Light

  2. I have had many readings with different psychics and mediums and was so disappointed and shocked yesterday at a reading which was done by patsy johnson in cape town what a fake and charges 600 for 20 min I will dwfinately not be recommending her to any of my friends or associates from start to finish was a total hogwash

  3. I have only had good experiences with psychics.


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