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Earlier this week I submitted my mail-in ballot for the pertinent Florida political races that affect me. Up until that time, I took pride in truthfully stating that I had never voted for a Republican for national office in my life (I am 57 years old). However, that all changed this time around, it was Republican straight down the line from U.S. Senator down to county offices. Why the change. One reason: I'm tired:

- I'm tired of looking at the almost $5 TRILLION that the Federal government has run up in national debt since Democrat Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House.

- I'm tired of looking at the almost $44,000 per U.S. household in national debt that the Federal government has run up since Harry Reid was Senate Majority Leader.

- I'm tired at looking at the 10% unemployment rate that we have faced for much of the time that the Democrats controlled Congress over the past few years and the White House for the past two years.

- I'm tired of being called a racist by Democratic politicians like Charles Rangel and Shelia Lee Jackson simply because I had serious and legitimate concerns and disagreements with the health care reform bill that the Democrats forced through the back door of reconciliation.

- I'm tired of being called un-American by Democrats like Nancy Pelosi for having legitimate concerns and opposition to the Democrats' ill conceived health care reform legislation.

- I'm tired of being called names like knuckle dragging Neanderthal, Ku Klux Klan member, terrorist, and ass#!$* by people like Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson and Democratic czar Van Jones simply because as a United States citizen I dare to have valid and legitimate differences of opinion with politicians' ideas and plans.

- I'm tired of President Obama as he stands mute and allows U.S. citizens that legitimately and honestly disagree with his policies and to be called racists, Neanderthals, terrorists, ass#!$*s, and Klan members

- I'm tired of Democratic President Obama not standing up against some of the disgusting names that have been used to describe female Republican candidates, names that I will not repeat here, but include what a member of Jerry Brown's staff called his opponent, Meg Whitman, in the California governor's race, the name of a concert a rapper held to fight Republican Michele Bachman's Minnesota Senate campaign, what Joy Behar called Nevada Republican Candidate Sharron Angle, and what an online Playboy article said should be done to ten Republican political candidates; disgusting and debasing and the President did nothing to civilize the discussion.

- I'm tired of Joy Behar.

- I'm tired of Democrats telling me that they saved the economy from going into a ditch while they controlled both houses of Congress for the past four years and the White House for the past two years or so, i.e. they are just as responsible, if not more so, for driving the car into the ditch as the Republicans.

- I'm tired of President Obama still refusing to man up to his responsibilities and failures, still trying to blame the Bush administration for things that go wrong.

- I'm tired of Democrat Bill Clinton and other high powered national Democratic leaders going into local election processes and trying to usurp the will and decisions of the people for the good of the Democratic national party, re: Sestak in Pennsylvania and Meeks in Florida.

- I'm tired of the broken promises of Democratic candidate Barack Obama, from not getting ALL U.S. troops out of Iraq to not closing down Guantanamo to not dumping the Don't Ask/Don't Tell military policy (it took a law suit from a Republican organization to get a ruling against the policy) to rubber stamping the renewal the Patriot Act and continuing other Bush administration secrecy policies to not getting wasteful earmarks under control to facilitating the further divisions within the country.

- I'm tired of the condescending attitudes of Democratic politicians with the best example being Harry Reid's contempt for American tourists visiting D.C. in the summer since, in his opinion, those that pay the taxes that support his life style, physically smell.

- I'm tired of President Obama not acting for the good of all Americans and for the uniting of America but rather stooping to the lowest and basest of political tactics, including the latest where he addressed a Hispanic audience and slandered those citizens that honestly disagree with his policies, calling them the "enemy." Very, very un-Presidential.

- I'm tired of Democratic economic programs that have been a total failure including Cash For Clunkers, Cash For Appliances, Cash For Caulkers, mortgage relief, economic stimulus and TARP.

- I'm tired of Democrats telling me that their economic programs were a success including Cash For Clunkers, Cash For Appliances, Cash For Caulkers, mortgage, economic stimulus and TARP despite the fact that second grade math can prove them all failures.

- I'm tired of Democrats telling me that the recently passed financial regulation reform act is a great bill when a third grader knows that if you do not include car loans, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac in any kind of financial reform you have reformed nothing of consequence.

- I'm tired of Democratic President Obama circumventing the Constitutional checks and balance system via Congressional review of major government appointments by establishing his own politburo of czars.

- I'm still tired of Joy Behar.

- I'm tired of the campaign costs being expended to execute this latest election cycle with the most current estimates calculating that approximately $4 million will be spent per open Congressional seat.

- I'm tired of election campaigns dedicated to childish personal attacks and not issue debate and analysis.

- I'm tired of having to decide what "side" each news outlet is on and then try to filter their prejudices appropriately in order to get to two things I like to call the truth and reality.

- I'm tired of constantly being told that this is the most open and responsive White House administration ever when I have yet to receive a single response to my numerous communications requests for information and help that have been sent to this White House in various forms.

- I'm already tired of the talk about the President's plans and positioning for the next Presidential election in 2012, as if we do not have enough problems to address in this country today and tomorrow, why would any true leader and statesman be already worried about his or her political future two years down the road?

- I'm tired of this Democratic run administration and Democratic Congress being as incompetent as all other administrations and Congresses with this one unable to stop the flow of oil in the Gulf for months, unable to fix the economy, allowing government program fraud and corruption to waste hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars every year, and running up record spending deficits while critical issues like failing public schools, rising health care costs, illegal immigration, the rapidly insolvency of Social Security and Medicare, the lost war on drugs, and the lack of a national energy strategy go unaddressed and unsolved.

- I'm tired of Democratic President Obama being nothing more than a typical Chicago/Cook County/Illinois politician and not the great hope and national unifier he originally presented himself as.

As you can see, I am plenty tired. I am also plenty ticked off and disappointed. The country has never been more divided and more in debt, two aspects of life that I put firmly at the feet of Democratic President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the rest of the Democrats. As I stated above, they have actually been driving the car for the past four years. If Bush had it going in the wrong direction, they certainly have turned it in a worse direction.

I know my Democratic friends that have not already seen the light and gotten tired of where this country is today will not be happy with my voting decision. To them, I ask them to carefully reread the points above and consider a professional Brazilian clown who recently got elected to the Brazilian National Congress. His platform: how much worse could it get if he was elected. Same principle applies here: how much worse could it get? Record national debt, a bitterly divided country, no issues addressed or solved, name calling that borders on disgusting and pornographic, respect for diversity of opinions and other ideas out the window.

Republicans, your turn, but I will tire very quickly of you also unless you heed the reasons for my malaise above.

P.S. I am still very tired of Joy Behar.

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