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Introduction: With the sky-rocking increase of computer network crime rate, the advanced data recovery technology, computer forensics technology are widely used in this field. This article focuses on the two technologies development and applications, with introduction of the related advanced tools and the future treads.In recent years, the computer crime cases are soaring with characteristics of professional, intelligentized, complex and multiplex with sever bad result, which is apparently different from traditional crimes. As a result, the construction of this computer forensics technology is of significant meaning.With years' development, the general and provincial police ministry are organizing a computer crime bureau specially for the current conditions. But the fact is that there needs much more efforts to be put in integration of this working stuff and technology and the organizations.I. Based on factory-level theory of data recovery and computer forensics technologi esWith the popularization of computers and application of networks, all kinds of storage media have now been a vital irreplaceable part of people's lives. Cases with the spread of eroticism, defraud money and property, blackmail and illegal pyramids sale are increasing at quite a higher speed. The evidence is normally stored between virtual and physical space, which not easy to be noticed after modified or destroyed. The investigations organizations should hold the most advanced technologies in order to stand in a more advantageous place to win this challenge. The physical storage media(hard drive, Pen drives, CF card and Flash Memory) may have conditions of physical damage, like head stack damage, malfunctioned motor, bad sector and circuit burnt, as well as logical damage, like accidental deletion, error copy, formation and virus attach, which cause the data lose. Therefore, the computer forensics technologies have become the most significance in judicature, with the facto ry-level technologies.Data recovery technology is the one which helps to recover the data from the storage media, which result from data deletion, hacker attack, storage physical damage, circuit burnt, bad sector, head crash, etc. It helps the later phase of computer forensics and e-evidence collection. II. Data recovery technology become the "New Heights" of e-evidence studyAfter years of development, Electronic evidence technology has formed collection systems, documents, mail, database, storage, networks, and other multi-faceted technical system of electronic evidence, such electronic evidence technology system emphasis on building the operating system or network based upon data recovery and computer forensics, electronic evidence collection process in the affected systems and networks, and other third-party factors, the need to safeguard the relevant systems and networks to identify target data integrity is the premise.when it comes to recovery in physical damage of targ et storage carrier, Computer Forensics is subject to considerable limitations, so how to better evidence against defects in the target store data recovery, following the network, system, e-mail and other new techniques, computer forensics has become the new heights of modern technology.Part of the professional data recovery, computer forensics equipment have been applied to the current judicial field. Since2006, China's public security, inspection, Economic Investigation, crime detection, network monitoring started to pay attention to the cutting-edge data recovery. Computer forensics technology, which gradually gained high recognition by its stability, security and functionality. China's public security, inspection, Economic Investigation, crime detection, network monitoring and many other departments have set up assembly line with data recovery, computer forensics technology security system for electronic evidence, with which has gain fruitful results. Under support of Nat ional judiciary, the state-level high-tech enterprise, SalvationDATA, the world' enterprise covering research. tech development, production and sales of data recovery tools, who has released series of computer forensics tool like HD Doctor, Data Compass, FLASH doctor.These tools has help First Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security of Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau, Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau etc, successfully deployed a number of exclusive sets of data recovery, computer 'With ten years consistent efforts, SalvationDATA technology and its brand has covered more than 60 countries through five continents market,data recovery tools from SalvationDATA have helped the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Turkish police station, the Italian police station, and the Judicial Institute in Manchester to successfully set up data recovery and computer forensics technology system. There is no doubt that SalvationDATA has become the lea ding authority in modern data recovery and forensics solution.

III. Data recovery breakthrough the bottleneck of traditional electronic evidenceThe highly developed computer network crimes have a profound impact on the direction of the technological development so to face such situation, the judiciary must be continuously updated data recovery, computer forensics, electronic evidence cutting-edge technology platform to achieve the detection, analysis, evidence, evidence and other business development. As cyber crime has become increasingly prominent in computer, computer forensics technology will be the context of the judicial investigation computer electronic evidence of technical capability and response capability effective supplement. The computer forensics technology is based on original concept of the underlying technology, seamless compatibility with any data recovery, computer forensics system is characterized by the upper (For example: ENCASE / FTK / X-WAYS / analytical system / all kinds of identification systems, etc..),whic h can be effectively achieved with integration of the current data recovery, computer forensics data recovery. From The above analysis, we can easily see that the leading-edge data recovery, electronic evidence data acquisition, analysis, evidence and other business are in crucial need of computer forensics technology, And it certain that in the near future, the data recovery, computer forensics, electronic evidence technology will be applied to a wider range of flied.

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