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The euro high-rate currencies had dropped sharply Monday, after the Asian session on Tuesday a rebound, but still cautious market sentiment and lower than expected in the third quarter GDP data of China skidded amplitude limit rebound. European time, at the stock market fell, high-rate currencies dollar turned to drop, and creating new low days.

18, euros to us dollar in Asia have time bounce back near 1.3790, but always can't further 1.3800 in. Open Europe, the exchange rate began to fall, once fell below 1.3700 integer pass. The European debt crisis in a series about the good news to lead, euro dollar rebound sharply, but early this week German officials made clear the eu can't be in on October 23, the summit of enough to get out the eurozone debt crisis solutions, to high risk preference emotion poured cold water. In addition, the German ZEW October economic performance index dropped to nearly three year low, and lower than expected, showing the economy status nor optimistic. In no materiality benefit before cash, hedge mood will still press euro dollar. Technically, the euro against the dollar has dipped below average daily line 5, stochastic turned down, the future downside risk to the larger still, the proposal on high do empty.

Yesterday, although Australia central bank meeting minutes show slightly doves, confirmed in Asia to a $$1.0220 or a rally to chart for nearby. However, then due to speculators, and Asia GuShou fund account, the exchange rate to 1.0120 days was hit new lows. Australia by the central bank meeting minutes indicate that the current monetary policy is appropriate, the short-term economic growth may be strong as expected. Domestic Banks in good condition, can resist the market fluctuations, family and enterprise excessive conservative is restrain demand. Minutes also shows, if in the end of October data confirm that inflation outlook improved, can provide space for loose monetary policy. Meeting minutes suggest that Australia's central bank monetary policy may turn to the future, to provide a role in supporting will decline. Th chart, at present the dollar by above $DuoTiao averages repression, random index also turned down, the exchange rate downside risk to the bigger also. < /p>

18, pounds with other major currencies against the us dollar trend confined. The Asian session, the exchange rate once a rally to recent high near 1.5820, but Europe after opening euro dollar follow down, almost whisked off up before. Then, Britain announced September CPI data than expected, but also press dollar, and low 1.5700 days. Data showed that British September CPI growth of 0.6% y/y, up 5.2%, representing an increase of years since September 2008 highs. High inflation data for walk the bank continues to relax monetary policy to boost economy caused by difficult problem, also a dollar to repression.

In the near future, the market seems to Europe debt crisis before excessive reading related interest good news, when European officials talk clarified, the fragile mood immediately dissipates, return to cautious market, foreign exchange market is so fluctuations. As long as the eu has not completely out of the solution, wrapped in the global economy of the head is hard to dissipate the clouds, the market can eliminate the cautious mood, the dollar index for hedge mood will remain strong, and the American currency still face downside risk

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