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When should one review their house insurance policy? When should you get other house insurance quotes? What are the things that you should consider when you review your policy? What is the difference between a house insurance policy and house warranty? It pays to ask because you become aware of the things that you need to know, this knowledge saves you a lot of time, money and effort.

Reviewing your house insurance policy

It is recommended by the Insurance Information Institute that one should review their house insurance policies at least twice a year. This is especially true when you are coming up with a renewal of your policy. Sometimes we tend to think that we are not missing out on some things and therefore we instantly renew and pay our insurance renewal bills. You need to check out everything about your insurance coverage. Here are some questions that you may want to ask yourself and eventually clear or confirm with your insurance agents:

Discounts - Do I get or receive all discounts that are available to me?

Comparison - Do I need to get other house insurance quotes for comparison?

Changes - What are the changes, if there are any, that has been made to my coverage? Is it to my benefit?

Deductibles - Are there separate deductibles for certain risks that are included in my policy? Does my policy allow me to increase my deductible so that I can lessen my premium rate?

Personal possessions - Have I included all my valuable possessions in my coverage? Did I forget something? It is your chance to double check if you missed out on some of your important possessions and include them.

Liability - Is there a need for me to increase my liability coverage?

Another opportune time for you to review your policy is when you make major improvements to your house or when you buy major items, equipment or appliances that are not previously included in your policy coverage. For instance, if you have just added a room or expanded your kitchen or bathroom. You may have also built a balcony or perhaps you have bought a high-definition LCD TV or state-of-the-art home theater system. These additional appliances, structures, or improvements were not insured in your previous policy therefore any loss or damage that may be incurred cannot be claimed because it was not part of your original coverage. The same thing goes if a member of your family receives valuable gifts such as laptop, artwork or painting, or set of jewelry then it would be wiser for you to increase your insurance to cover these gifts.

Another great time to review your policy is when you install a fire alarm or perhaps a burglar alarm to make you house safe. It could be an opportunity to qualify for new discounts that you may apply for when you renew your insurance policy because insurance companies reward policy owners that have safety features installed in their house. Other upgrades or improvements that qualify for discounts would include that of electrical, plumbing or heating systems. Be sure to keep you insurance agents or insurance companies aware of these upgrades so they can assess and apply your new discount on your next renewal.

Difference of house insurance and house warranty

Both house insurance and house warranties are designed to help an individual in casesof loss or damages against perils to your house, structure, personal possessions. The difference is that in general a typical house insurance policy covers loss or damages of your house, structure and personal belongings when unfortunate events happen. While a house warranty proposes replacements or repairs for your appliances and other contents that have been damaged due to the normal wear and tear. The house warranty only offers the replacement or repair for those that are covered under your house insurance policy.

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