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Key person insurance is a kind of insurance which is concerned with a key personality of a company.. The key person can be any person, related to that concern, which is specified at the insurance policy form. The role of Key person insurance policy is to provide aid to the corporation if in case of a loss of that key individual. The Key person insurance is applicable only as long as that key person is connected to that organization. Once he leaves that company the Key person insurance is automatically completed.

The Key person insurance can be for the life of that individual or his health depending on the preliminary settlement between the insurance business and organization owners. The management of the corporation decides the key person but the key individual is normally the individual whose services are vital for the company. When the key person dies or is unavailable to work for business due to some reason, the Key person insurance policy helps the businessmen.

The key persons are most important for small organisations so the Key person insurance policy is extremely essential for such small organizations. The corporation may lose reasonable revenue losses when these persons are not available. Key person insurance is especially helpful for these small companies when their key persons become unavailable and the organisations are on the threshold of complete collapse. This policy provide mental refuge to the owners when they know that the absence of key persons won't result in the collapse of organization.

Key person insurance is for the corporation and not for the key person because corporation will get the money if the key individual dies.| If the key person dies the corporation will get the funds so the Key person insurance is for the business and not for the individual.| So we can say that Key person insurance is an investment which a company makes on one of its employees to ensure the survival of the company.}Key person insurance is a must for every concern these days because more or less every corporation has one or two key employees.The Key person insurance can be a savior for the business which is about to be bankrupted because of the loss of a key individual. In such a condition the corporation is able to stabilize itself as a result of Key person insurance policy which provides money and time.

Key person insurance is an insurance policy for the life of a individual but its recipient is the corporation. The Key person insurance policy provides benefit to the company so it is a unique policy that benefits the business and not the key individual. The significance of Key person insurance can be visualized by the fact that every professional organization uses it. It is a mandatory requirement of most professional companies and organizations. The Key person insurance has persuaded companies to adopt it because of its benefits.

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