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Owning a collectible car may be a matter of pride for some; however, it also is an investment. As with any investment, an adequate protection in the form of collector car insurance is necessary. Since the repair and replacemnt of a collectible car can be cost prohibitive, a collector car insurance policy will financially save you in the event you fall victim to theft, an accident or damage.Collector car insurance is a specific and specialized form of insurance that is quite different from your regular vehicle insurance policy. As such an insurance carrier has certain provisions that must be met prior to issuing a policy. The most important requirements are the drivers age and qualifications, the age of the car, and mileage limitations. There also is an insistence by the insurance provider that the car is garage kept and well secured when not in use.Limits on miles driven per year is usually no more than 5,000, although some companies have provisions for excess miles. A fur ther restriction on mileage driven is that a car can not be used for commercial purposes or for daily commutes, however, a collector car insurance policy does allow the car to be driven to car shows and related activities.Restrictions on the vehicle's age are a primary factor in collector car insurance policies. In most cases, the car must be a minimum of 15 years old. Some insurance providers require as much as 25 years and in a few cases more than 35 years old. Driver qualifications are a consideration as well, an owner or driver must meet minimum requirements to be eligible for collector car insurance. Minimum age of a qualified driver is mostly 25 while the minimum driving experience is 9 years.Once the conditions for the collector car insurance is achieved, you and the agent will set an agreed upon value for the vehicle. In a collector policy, the value of the vehicle is determined by an agreement between you and the insurer, unlike a regular policy which uses fair mark et value. The amount you and the insurer agree upon will be the replacement value of the car should it be a total loss.You can protect your vehicular masterpiece with collector car insurance from many different insurance providers. Although many insurance companies can write your collector car insurance, it is best to find a company that specializes in this type of coverageantique auto insurance, antique auto insurance, Insurance for Collectible Cars, Get your free Insurance Quote.Related Sitesantique auto insurance, antique auto insurance, Insurance for Collectible Cars,

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