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Gujarat is making is name as the financial powerhouse of the nation and IT sector has played a major role in this. This article looks at success of Gujarats IT policy and how it is creating a number of software jobs in Gujarat.

Hyderabad and Bangalore may have started the IT revolution, but its now Gujarat that is making its presence felt in the It sector. The state had seen some IT successes back in 2006, but no one expected that Gujarat would succeed so much and so quickly in the software development sector. Just days ago Gujarat IT policy fulfilled its promises: the IT policy had aimed at 5000 crore turnover market in the IT sector, and it achieved the goal 6 months before the deadline!

There are a large number of established firms and startup software development companies in Gujarat, and more new companies are coming up. As a result there are a lot of new software jobs in Gujarat and the state is becoming a great place for software developers. Gujarat companies offering offshore development have tasted success, and with the global economy on the mend many firms have aggressive expansion plans. As the companies grow more, the need for software professionals will increase, and more jobs will be created.

We have achieved our existing IT policy target for turnover. By November 2011, when the existing IT policy completes its tenure, we would have crossed the previous target. Moreover, we will revise the target under the new policy for the next five years, a government official involved with formulating the policy had said while talking to the media. It just shows that ambition of the state government and its commitment to take the IT industry in Gujarat to a different level altogether.

Already there are a large number of IT jobs in Gujarat, not only for software developers and programmers, but also for ancillary software jobs like hardware and networking jobs, web designers, technical writers, sales, webmaster, data entry, and security experts. As the state government prepares to pursue a more ambitious IT growth policy for the coming years, we can expect the generation of more jobs and increased turnover for the states IT industry.

Currently, the Department of Science and Technology has begun the process of making a new draft to create a roadmap for further development of the IT industry. The government also intends to study and use the IT development model of Karnataka and it will welcome suggestions of top IT companies and take their help to create a business environment where IT companies can thrive.

Gujarat is already creating a lot of employment in other sectors and there are a large number of healthcare, education, and realty jobs in Gujarat, but the IT segment is seen as an area that can develop a lot more and the government intends to take a number of proactive steps to position the state as the IT hub of India.

Thousands of jobs were created by the IT companies in Gujarat since the IT Policy was drawn in 2006. IT companies, and their robust performance even through the period of global recession has played a major part in financial development of the state, and as the government plans to develop the sector more in the coming year, a number of new jobs will be created in the next few months.

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