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Facing foreclosure can be one of the worst and most stressful events in your entire life. But, what can make it a little bit easier is if you understand the rights that you have during this home foreclosure process and how stop foreclosure in the US. Knowing what you are entitled to is very important and will help you understand what is going on, you want to make sure that you know what to expect and what rights you have. As someone that is facing foreclosure you have legal rights and you need to know what those are so that you arent taken advantage of and victim of an unlawful foreclosure or foreclosure fraud.

Get your Ducks in A RowThe first and foremost thing you need to do when a Notice of Default is filed against you is determine whether you will be in the position in the next couple months to pay off the overdue balance. You need to decide how to attack your problem and how stop foreclosure in your specific situation. If you are able to pay off the overdue balance and experiencing a short-term financial hardship, then you can probably work something out with you Lender or Bank and even possibly get a loan deferment for a few months, which will alleviate your need to pay the mortgage, or perhaps reduce the balance, temporarily.

If paying off the overdue balance and making any sort of mortgage payments is not feasible, you will want to consider your other options such as:-short sale-deed in lieu of foreclosure-filing bankruptcy-challenging the validity of the foreclosure

The last point here is especially critical since many Banks and Lenders nowadays simply do not have the paperwork to prove that they can foreclose on a person. The problem is many homeowners are not aware of this and what you dont know cant help you. Have a legal professional look at your documents and determine whether or not there is evidence of foreclosure fraud. This can be one route and how stop foreclosure that can save your home.

Know your Rights as a HomeownerAs a homeowner, you have rights to your property. The good thing is that once the foreclosure process is started, you dont have to worry about being thrown out right away. You also have a few months before they are really going to start pressing the foreclosure button. With this time you need to figure our how stop foreclosure and what your best option is. Once you get behind, a month is ok, but if it is the three months and beyond where you are facing foreclosure, it is important that you know that Banks and Lenders then have the right to foreclose. If you get behind, and they do end up filing the Notice of Default, youll have usually about three months to pay back all of the past due amount that you owe or, depending on whether you state is judicial or nonjudicial, dispute the foreclosure in court.

Know State and Local LawsIt is extremely important when you are looking for ways how stop foreclosure that you know the state and local laws that are applicable to you. As part of foreclosure fraud that happens all the time during the foreclosure process, Banks and Lenders often do not follow a state and local foreclosure laws, not properly noticing or serving a person official documents, using invalid notaries and forged signatures. Knowing the requirements for foreclosure and what the other party has to prove in order to foreclose is key to how stop foreclosure in any case.

Foreclosure is scary, there is no way around it, but if you know your rights theres a much greater chance that you will find a way how stop foreclosure and save your home. For more information, please visit how stop foreclosure

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