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Each term of the Canton Fair, is a foreign trade event, but also a national policy of the Ministry of Commerce, "briefing." 106th Canton Fair Pazhou Complex has been closed yesterday in the. "Stability" became the overriding Trade Fair on keywords.

I found in the interview, it gives rise to new foreign trade enterprises concerned: "export situation has improved, and the country's foreign trade policy will not again appear ups and downs?"

"Now we finally stand firm, if the policy readjustment, I can say anything, anytime." Canton Fair on a shoe from Shenzhen officials said. Minister of Commerce Chen Deming

Fair on a recent survey confirmed that: "for some time, our economic policy and exchange rate-related will continue to maintain the basic stability, to create a stable business expectations."

But many companies still apparently between 2006 and 2008 the impact of lingering fear of foreign trade policy adjustment, especially in the RMB exchange rate issue, I interviewed almost all companies to accept will be listed as the "first risk" factors.

Guangdong Name Rui Cai Man Keung, chairman, said: "For more than six months of RMB exchange rate basically stable, so that business relief. But if the coming wave of unrest, no one can not stand, companies will lose their sense of direction."

"Exchange rate adjustment will be a loss for each group of customers"Weihai Dong Wang Food Chairman Wang Peijun said the RMB exchange rate a problem, obviously agitated tone: "Because the yuan revaluation last year, we lost at least 1.5 to 2 million yuan!"

Wang Peijun quite indignant that one time because of network failures, postponed the settlement a few days, the result that within a few days in a row down the euro, so they evaporate in vain for 20 million yuan. "Every time the RMB exchange rate adjustment, we will damage a group of clients." Wang Peijun said.

I found the interview, for the future, enterprises of different industries have different concerns, but one of them is the same for all foreign trade enterprises face: As the tide of global warming raising interest rates, appreciation of the renminbi is expected to become stronger. For export enterprises, which no doubt just pick up the foreign trade situation to cast a layer of gray.

Make bags export assistant general manager of Shanghai Overseas Import & Export Co., Ltd. Dong Hua told reporters: "Now is the fear of instability, while the economy is getting warmer, but not a solid appreciation of the RMB in terms of our exports is a large risks. finally came back and because the order is likely to reduce prices. "

"Otherwise not rise, or to further adjustment in place." Guangdong people were strong Cai Rui Group said, "step by step as before fine-tuning, I do not know how companies deal with customer quotes bad bargain."

Some companies have been preparing in advance for the appreciation of the renminbi. Department of Import and Export Co., Ltd. Zhejiang letter head of Mr. Wang said, "exchange rate, our business now has reserved up space, and offer to customers about when 6.7 will report in the hope of reducing the volatility of that time brought impact. revaluation is longer troubled by one thing. "

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