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An insurance company is required by law to provide assistance to policy holders when they deserve their coverage. Known as widely as good faith, insurers are supposed to produce policy coverage when in an accident or in a lawsuit following an accident. Additionally, insurers should offer their services without unnecessary delay. Failure to uphold the basic level of trust that good faith provides can result in what is known as a bad faith claim against that insurer.

Insurers most obviously violate their policy contracts when they do not pay out policy coverage when their policy holders are injured or their property is damaged. Considering that providing policy coverage following injury or property damage is the foundational reason people purchase policies, this fundament breach of contract gives holders the power to file suit against their insurers. These suits may also be pressed against insurers if coverage is provided, but the insurer takes an unnecessary amount of time to produce those funds.

Additionally, insurers have obligations to their policy holders when a personal injury suit is involved. An insurer is required to provide support in the form of their policy coverage during the course of the injury suit. This means that a policy holder who cannot afford an attorney to defend themselves from an injury claim may use their insurance policy to cover those costs. Also, a defendant needing to provide a settlement sum may use their insurance policy for those costs as well.

In some situations, the plaintiff in a personal injury suit may actually press litigation against the defendants insurer if the two parties agree. In these situations, the settlement from the personal injury suit may be quickly resolved so that the plaintiffs bad faith suit can be pushed forward.

To learn more bad faith insurance claims and what you can do if you have been treated poorly by your policy provider, contact the Danville personal injury attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C., today.

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