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Okay, time to put down my truth glasses, I just read where government opposition troops attacked a place that is mostly full of religious temples and peaceful persons. Is it me alone or does just about everyone of these incidents in international settings affecting the religious more than affecting strategic targets? This is why we arm rebels? Why isn't Russia wanting to destroy the chemicals rather than just collecting them? How is it that ordinary intelligent citizens can see all these items plainly but political leaders can't? One of the items proposed is Syria must reveal where their stockpiles are and how much they have, isn't that admitting the possibility they actually used them? This world is going nutty with flawed logic in the pursuit of peace, especially when there are confirmed reports that an Al Qaeda pocket regime are in that area, coincidence? They have been prepping since 1982 and we knew about it, just turned a blind eye for a while. As I have stated several times before, time for newer thinking in Washington, out with the war cats and fat cats who are part of the one percent and continue to complicate our united states. That doesn't include the millions of people fleeing the country. Seriously, some one needs a enema in our political capitol, maybe several of them. Jesus help us all.

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