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If you reside outside US, you must have an international health insurance cover. This policy is certainly superior to any travel insurance policy and is also at par with the domestic health insurance policies.

Private or domestic health insurance policies are good within US, but they do not cover you out of the country. Their inability to cover you outside US is because they do not have networks outside US, they find it difficult to measure your premiums for your country, and it is at times expensive for them to bear your claims from outside location.

Sometimes an individual may also no be eligible for the cover, for his current country may only allow its own citizens and permanent residents to avail the facility. In such a situation, you may not do too well with the domestic health insurance policies.

In contrast, the international health insurance policies have a lot of scope outside US. In fact, there are no geographical restrictions to these companies. A lot of international insurance companies may also provide you cover in US, apart from providing cover internationally.

However, this is only possible if you do not wish to shift back to US on permanent basis. People who frequently travel overseas, for business or any other reason can benefit heavily from this policy.

Also, employees traveling world wide for their client side work can make use of this policy. If you belong to any of these categories, you must not ignore international health insurance policies.

All the international health insurance policies get renewed annually. This ensures that you are covered for the entire year. Also, you can claim even after the expiry period of a particular year.

It may be noted that your premium amounts can increase annually. However, the best part is that you may have made a plenty of claims in the previous year; you are still covered for the original amount of cover.

To be eligible for an international policy, you need to have a residence at a foreign location. You also must be residing at that location. You can however apply for the policy in advance, but the same will be effective only once you have relocated.

It is certainly not mandatory to be a citizen of the country where you are applying for the policy from. You have a right to apply from any part of the world you wish to.

Nine out of ten companies accept applications from people who are not the citizens of their living in countries. The amount of cover and the premium is dependent on the company you have purchased your policy from.

There is no facility at all, that is missing with the international policies. All the advantages that you get with a domestic policy are also available with the international policies.

Right from doctor's visits, emergency room visits, hospitalization, ambulance service, prescription drug coverage to preventive health care and maternity benefits; everything is included.

If you have no scope of traveling overseas, you do not really need an international insurance. However, if you are a regular international traveler, you must apply for an international health cover immediately.

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