Millions of tourists from all over the world across international boundaries every year to pursue many personalized interests. International travel and trips offer a wider exposure and opportunities to people wanting to pursue academics, commercial and cultural interests. The exponential growth of the international travel industry has also resulted in holidaymakers increasingly opting for extended vacations in foreign, often exotic locales.Overseas trips and travels need extreme attention to arrangements of details regarding trip schedules, itineraries, conveyance and boarding. Yet, travelers tend to ignore the most crucial precautionary measure while planning a trip overseas the international health insurance. Its comprehensive coverage prevents unforeseen medical emergencies and accidental injuries from jeopardizing the entire trip and grievously endangering travelers lives. The international health insurance policy offers exhaustive medical coverage, facilitating urgen t medical attention and vital ancillary services during medical emergencies. The insurance policy could be purchased to cover short overseas trips, as well as extended periods of international travel. The minimum coverage period for the long term insurance policy is 1 year, during which time it provides global coverage and vital travel assistance. Some policies also provides coverage for pre-conditions, maternity care and accidental benefits- after a waiting period.The short term insurance policy offers insurance coverage for a maximum period of 3 years, including some basic domestic coverage. This coverage normally provides medical attention during emergencies like sudden ailments, illnesses and accidental injuries.During medical emergencies, the international insurance provides immediate hospitalization, medication and physicians consultation. The coverage also facilitates intensive care units and advanced diagnostic services as prescribed. Its worldwide acceptability and applicability ensures that decent medical attention is secured without having to arrange for financial resources during a medical emergency.Procuring competent medication in a foreign land during a medical emergency could prove to be a daunting and highly expensive procedure. The comprehensive coverage of the international health insurance policy facilitates urgent medical response to a reported emergency, arranging for immediate treatment. The policy also secures crucial emergency services like ambulance, securing urgent pharmaceuticals and trip assistance.The health insurance policy provides emergency evacuation, medical transport and repatriation of biological remains. The benefits and facilities offered by the medical insurance policy also include unique levels of customization, ensuring that the customer gets maximum applicable coverage for a trip. The insurance policies allow easy, secure online application and subscription procedures.The international travel medical i nsurance policies are underwritten by globally respected concerns like Lloyds, AIG and Nationwide. Exceptional reliability of coverage, dedicated customer assistance and immediate medical response facilities make the international insurance policy a must-have for every international traveler.

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