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Now, once you have established a connection, the real work starts. A request for information via an email will not have the same level of interest as a person walking through the front door of your sales office. The problem is that as easy as it was to ask you for info, the prospective buyer may also have made a connection with agents from other websites as well. You have to try and establish a personal relationship and some trust as soon as you can, without pushing too hard and alienating your potential buyer.But that's a basic sales skill anyway. The internet, and the new science of keyword research, puts the power to generate a list of exclusive life insurance leads into your own hands, and is the means that all life insurance agents should use to increase their business today.AIG, or the American International Group, Inc. is a world leader in financial services providing, including life insurance. AIG is--or was up until very recently at the time of this writing--the l eading international insurance organization, having operations in over 130 nations and jurisdictions. AIG companies provide commercial, institutional, and individual financial services through the most extensive worldwide property-casualty and life insurance networks of any insurance company, although they are being closely competed with by MetLife. What's more, AIG companies are leading providers of financial services and asset management across the globe. AIG has its common stock listed on the New York, Ireland and Tokyo stock exchanges.AIG's member companies in the life insurance industry include: AIG American General in Houston, Texas; American General Life and Accident Insurance Company in Nashville, Tennessee; and The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York.However, AIG has recently taken extremely heavy financial harm to itself because part of its financial services included underwriting and buying subprime loans and lending to other financial ins titutions who did the same. This leaves many people wondering about the financial stability of AIG.AIG is in fact planning to sell its three life insurance units in Japan. These sales could total close to $10 billion. AIG now owes $85 billion to the United States government.AIG intends to sell shares in American Life Insurance Co (ALICO), AIG Star Life Insurance Co, and AIG Edison Life Insurance Co."It would be hard for a single domestic insurer to make the acquisition by itself," a senior official at a major life insurance company was quoted by the Japanese business daily Nikkei as having said."We know absolutely nothing regarding [who the potential buyers are]," says Tokyo AIG spokesman Fumiyasu Sato.This policy is cheaper and covers risk but it has no pay out.Whole life insurance: This policy secures your entire life. The amount you pay is put into an investment fund, your premium usually remain same for the first few years before going up. This policy is expensive but pa y out is there.Calculate Sum Insured:This is critical factor which need to be considered carefully. Calculate your assets and debts value and also compare your annual income and expenditure. Then find out by how much amount your family will face financial crisis if something happens to you. Then this amount difference would be your sum insured money.Compare & Buy Cheap Life Insurance:Insurance quotes comparison is must before buying.

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