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When you travel abroad without international health insurance, you've got a lot at risk. No one wants to think of their uninsured vacation that way but the truth is that, as an international traveler without health insurance protection, you are exposing yourself to many financially devastating possibilities, including:- Expenses and lost time due to emergency political evacuation.- The inability to afford transportation to an adequate medical treatment facility while traveling in a remote area.- Your family having to pay out of pocket for the return of mortal remains. - The potential of hundreds of thousands in bills after a single hospital stay or emergency room visit.- Loss of life insurance coverage once you leave the country. With the right international health insurance policy and optional riders, you can avoid these risks and create a financial safety net for your family. Political EvacuationNot only can the need for unexpected political evacuation cut your trip shor t, costing you thousands in prepaid, non-refundable expenses, it will also require additional spending to facilitate the evacuation travel, unless you have the right coverage. An international health insurance policy with political evacuation and repatriation coverage will generally cover political evacuation expenses as long as there was no travel warning in effect on the date of travel, or during the 6-month period preceding it. Medical Treatment, Transportation and Return of Mortal RemainsWhen you are ready to purchase your international health insurance policy, not only must you consider building in the right benefits for emergency medical treatment and unexpected hospital stays, you must also think of other practicalities. These might include the potential need for medical transportation out of a remote area or the desire to protect your family from the expense of having your remains transported back into your home country. Beyond these options you can also choose from many different benefit limits, copayments and deductibles for situations like emergency dental treatment, RX coverage, emergency reunion and more. Life Insurance and Other RidersYour standard life insurance policy may not cover you while you travel abroad. Adding a life insurance rider to your international health insurance policy ensures that your family will get the death benefit they need, no matter where you are. Other riders that can be added include coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, acts of terrorism and coverage for injuries incurred while participating in adventure sports. Every family needs a financial safety net. You build yours with the savings and insurance protection you buy. Not investing in international health insurance while you travel abroad is like cutting a giant hole in the center of the safety net you've worked so hard to create for your loved ones.

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