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When your company has important projects to complete, they won't all be handled at your U.S. locations. Some projects need to be handled by those in your overseas office or even outsourced to a team of contractors located in another country. But having your work conducted abroad should not lead your company to an, "out of sight, out of mind" project management style. In order to ensure that the project is completed on time and in the way that you want it done, you need to have a project manager staying on top of things. Technology allows many project managers to work remotely for much of the time that they are coordinating the work but it doesn't completely remove the need for a personal presence during the project's life span. For that personal presence, the project manager needs to travel abroad.The group health insurance policy provided to employees as part of the company's benefits package does not offer coverage that can be utilized while travelling abroad. If an empl oyee becomes ill or is injured while working out of an international location, they won't be able to get affordable medical treatment on their terms unless they are covered by a travel health insurance policy.Travel health insurance allows the benefits coordinator to decide what kind of benefits are important to employees when working abroad and ensures that medical bills and insurance premiums remain a manageable expense, while liabilities are controlled. Companies can even choose between coverage terms, specific locations, and more. When you create a project group, you make sure that the members of the group have every tool necessary to do a good job at their disposal. You wouldn't expect them to work on a software development project without computers, a construction project without tools or a pharmaceutical project without a lab. So then, why would you expect a project manager not to have every tool necessary to do his or her job to its fullest? Travel health insurance p olicies, with long- and short-term coverage options, flexible benefits, limits and deductibles and affordable premiums are as important a tool to a project manager as any other.Providing proper medical treatment protection to employees who are managing a project in another country isn't just about good business, it's about giving your employees the confidence to know that they will get the treatment they want while abroad thereby allowing them to focus their full attention on the project at hand.

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