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What is the value in buying trip coverage, even the cheapest travel insurance, for your travels? Holidaymakers and other travelers often take assume nothing will go wrong and that travel insurance is not needed. Most of us see this only as additional burdens that we can make do without. What we should understand however is that travel coverage is not only your main protection for yourself and belongings while travelling; it is also your main defense against what may happen out there. You protect yourself and your family from car accidents, lost belongings, missed and cancelled flights.

Here are 10 ways on how you can use your cheapest travel insurance policy while traveling.

1. You use your travel insurance while travelling because your regular life insurance will not be able to reach you effectively while travelling to other places. You may have your credit card with you, but there will always be limitations, including those serious risks. Travel insurance is your worry-free ticket while travelling.

2. There is also the need to be insured in cases of medical emergencies. Any prolonged or extended stay outside the United States will require some forms of medical coverage. There are certain emergencies that may require you to come back home. In this situation, your regular health insurance coverage may be liable to pay for the medical expenses incurred, but the transportation cost back home is another issue. Travel insurance coverage can change all that.

3. A cancelled trip coverage is important if you happen to cancel or interrupt your trip because you, a family member or a travelling companion gets injured, sick, or worse dies along the way. It may also be that trips are cancelled because tour operators, airlines or cruise lines had just declared bankruptcy.

4. During trip cancellations, you will also contemplate about forfeiting the fortune that you just spent on travel tickets, planned events and hotel reservations. A travel insurance policy will be your best protection from those final costs involved.

5. Luggage and other lost belongings can be a pesky situation. To keep it from getting worse, you can cover yourself from it.

6. In some cases, travel insurance plans can help if your money is stolen.

7. You may not know this, but since the September 11 attacks, many are now purchasing travel insurance policies with unforeseen acts of terrorism as part of the coverage. Policies are now tagged with the idea, which means you can now be entitled for reimbursement should you miss or get delayed with your flight because of an act of terrorism happening.

8. If you are aged 12 to 25, you can be entitled to great deals where you can save on discounts and other attractive packages. The premiums can start at a mere $48 and everything's there, from hospital stays, emergency evacuations, accidental dismemberment and even death, passport protection, and so many more.

9. Students also have a special place when it comes to travel insurance policies. In their case, they can choose between the single-type, backpacking or gap year policies, all of which can address their various needs while travelling.

10. Travel document protection (i.e. against loss of your passport or other vital documents) is another feature that will always come in handy in deep situations, like lost or stolen passports and other travel documents.

However you look at it, there will always be the need for coverage. While travelling is fun and all, you need not trouble yourself anymore with these scenarios. Get the cheapest travel insurance now and rid yourself of these worries.

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