Practical Options On International Student Health Insurance

Because of the overly expensive cost of health care in the United States, international student health insurance becomes highly necessary when you go into higher education there. With American health care being privatized, international students needing health care during emergencies would have the most difficult time without ample insurance coverage to back them up.

It is a good thing that there are available health insurance policies for students studying in the United States. In terms of US students intending to study overseas, the specific health insurance policy would be dictated by the specific country where they choose to study.

There are medical subsidies in countries where government takes care of the same. For such countries, the student can proceed with his studies even without the international student medical insurance. Without the government subsidy, it would be imperative for the student to be prepared with a comprehensive insurance to meet his health needs in time of emergencies. The international student health insurance is a necessity when it comes to giving adequate health protection especially in countries that do not have government health subsidies.

The prohibitive costs of medical and health care has made it necessary for students to be equipped always with adequate health insurance. Eligibility for health insurance is for students who are non-US residents whose ages range from 14 to 65 years and having to undertake a full time education in the United States.

A full time education means going to school at least 6 hours a day. Eligibility also has to do with the student being enrolled effectively in associate degrees, bachelor, master, doctorate, or a structured college ELS program. The international student insurance policy could also be extended to include the spouse and children below 19 years of age. This is a unique feature of the health insurance policy. It is also important that the student should have either a J1 or an F1 visa to qualify for such insurance.

In renewing the insurance policy, the student who holds a J1 or F1 visa has around 30 days extension of his policy as grace period for renewal purposes. This extension of course, is subject to the payment of the necessary premiums.

There is also a prior condition exclusion period which is standard at one year from the effectiveness of an insurance policy. This means that a prior medical condition would not be treated under the policy coverage for a mean period of one year from the start of an international student insurance policy. During this one year period however, emergency facilities are provided for such chronic illnesses. A discussion on the different facilities afforded by the health insurance companies should also be made here separately.

Complete coverage is given for diagnosis and medical attention, hospital fees and medical care on car accidents, and x-rays and laboratory expenses. There is also limited coverage on diagnosis and medical care for pregnancies.

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