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It's that time of year. The sun is shining, the trees are green & the birds are singing... Yes, it's holiday time. You are thinking about what you are going to do while away; what trips you will be going on, what books you are going to read, whether you will stay round the pool or go to the beach, what drinks you will be enjoying. Of course, there's also the packing to think about; what will you need, have you forgotten anything? There are so many things to think about when planning a vacation, that often, insurance doesn't even enter your head.

Perhaps that is partly because no one wants to think anything bad is going to happen while on holiday. Perhaps subconsciously, you hope you won't need one. True, problems while you are on holiday isn't a nice thought to dwell on, especially when there are more fun things to think about, but it is an important aspect of travelling that bears thinking about. Why? Because life is unexpected!

During the short period while you are away on holiday, anything can happen! From lost luggage, to trips to the hospital. All these things cost money, often lots of it, and without proper insurance, that money will be coming out of your pocket!

Here are a few examples of things that can go wrong before, or during your holiday. With proper insurance, these things, while still inconvenient, are no major problem, but without insurance could be a financial disaster!

Medical TreatmentThe chances of being sick while on holiday can actually increase, with new diseases that your immune system isn't used to dealing with. In some countries, especially the United States or Canada, the cost of medical expenses can easily run into the thousands. Without insurance, you will have to foot the bill yourself. There are many people who have been bankrupted by failure to have proper travel insurance & having to pay for medical treatment in a foreign country. Travel insurance is especially important on skiing/snowboarding trips, where the chance of injury increases dramatically.

CancellationIf you are sick or injured and are not able to go on holiday, your insurance policy will cover the cost of reimbursement. This can also include the sickness of an immediate relative, weather, strike and/or natural disaster.

Loss of luggageUsually, a standard insurance policy will cover your luggage for up to 1000. If you are unfortunate enough to have your baggage lost, you will be able to claim back up to 1000 worth of clothes/items. This also includes delayed baggage, so you are able to purchase any essentials while you wait for your baggage to arrive & claim this back on your insurance.

These are all scenarios that could happen to anyone. For the cost of travel insurance, when compared with the cost of any one of these things, it is well worth getting even the most basic cover. If you travel frequently, or as part of a group, it may be worthwhile looking into annual and/or group travel insurance.

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