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In recent years, the national energetical support to promote and social aspects positive efforts, China biological industry sustainable growth, present a welcome development momentum, but restrict the development of biological industry some long-term, deep problem still a lot. Authorities in tianjin just closing of 2011 international conference on biological economy, says China biological the degree of industrial intensification is still relatively low, and the future, biological industry development in our country should also do four aspects "homework".

One is to enhance biological industry of the ability of independent innovation. Grasp organization genetically modified organisms breeding, take initiative to new drugs, major breakthrough restricting our key technology of biological industry development. To speed up the establishment of enterprise as the main body, and strive to improve the construction of innovation system of enterprises' independent innovation ability. Through the policy guidance, encourage enterprises to increase in research and development. Strengthen the biological field engineering center, engineering laboratories, enterprise technology center of the building.

2 it is to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure of biological. To accelerate the innovation ability, a group with international competitiveness of the leading enterprises; In the product structure, to intensify the independent intellectual property rights to the support of the products, to cultivate a group of large variety; In the regional structure, to insist the classification guidance, to highlight the importance and guide biological industry base to a professional, and characteristic direction. Organize the implementation of biological industry base public service conditions, strengthening the construction of special base innovation function.

To further improve the biological industrial policy and market environment. Biological industry is the state's strategic industry, also is the new industry, must strengthen the policy guidance and support. To intensify the biological technology research and development and industrialization of devotion, fiscal fund established prior purchasing independent innovation system for biological product completely biodegradable materials, biological diesel oil, biomass and the approved of the fuel ethanol production and other important biological products give support, the implementation of the tax preferential policy support biological industry development.

Three is strive to improve the international competitiveness of biological industry. Encourage multinational companies to China investment, and actively undertake biological medicine research and development service outsourcing transfer, enhances our country in the international division of labor in the middle of the position. At the same time, encourage domestic enterprises to develop the products and marketing for the international registration of overseas work, to set up r&d centers and invest in business, encourage us with independent intellectual property rights of the biological technology products bold "go out".

Four is the perfect domestic capital market, and develop the financing channels. In investment and financing policy, to support biological industry venture investment and industrial investment funds, the establishment and development of guarantee agencies to support guarantee and again, to strengthen enterprise development initial period and biological years of support. To seek for biological industry base in the biological enterprise have a condition into securities companies to perform system to carry out the stock transfer pilot. Support to meet the conditions of the biological enterprise issuing securities, developing enterprise financing.

In the finance and tax policy, to intensify the biological technology research and development and industrialization of devotion, fiscal fund established prior purchasing independent innovation system for biological product completely biodegradable materials, biological diesel oil, biomass and the approved of the fuel ethanol production and other important biological products to give financial support to the tax preferential policy, suggest to increase the industrial development of the biological support. In a market environment, mainly to the biological products, perfect market cultivation biological product market access in the new policy, but also strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights.

Although DuoCi said the eu did not accept the unilateral regulation, but the international air transport association have also made their own emissions commitments, by 2020, RanXiao increased by 1.5% every year; Since 2020, through the implementation of "carbon compensation" stable carbon emissions; plan In 2050, the net carbon emissions 50% 2005 fewer than in.

Reduce carbon emissions will be biofuels promote giant power. Boeing built up the fuel production to use a zero emissions concept, "we will to all areas of the plant for looking for local, and then planting and processing, in this process, the plants absorb the greenhouse gas, and the plants for fuel, use fruit processing back out of carbon was finished," and "every region WangYuKui introduces, in their own region processing biofuels, supply the local airlines, if all the world to join in, not will achieve global zero emissions?"

The Dutch aviation use "edible oils" project also points out that the reduction in the huge advantage, because there is no to production, discharged the crop production process of carbon emissions, and this is the local take oil, so the traffic aspects to have carbon emissions are few, that has made "edible oils" fuel, compared with the traditional fossil fuel emissions 60%-80%, still can increase to 90% in the future.

"Now the technology has improved a lot, leprosy tree, flax, micro algae soils and mustard plants will as the raw material." cao refining Guangzhou energy of the Chinese academy of sciences SunShouJiang scholars says, "there are basic feasible technology, the key problem or purification of problem, ask specific application aviation fuel by the characteristics of restriction, used alone has not yet achieved aviation fuel standard, need and ordinary fuel mixing with use, and the concrete percentage have specific technical route varies." He said that at present domestic with leprosy in trees and micro algae refining raw materials for the research has been very cao mature.

Economic problems don't understand China is more system boat

But, in FeiLiang across the threshold, high cost is still is the biological fuel comprehensive promotion of difficult problems. "Biofuels cost is usually traditional aviation fuel more than four times as much, and now even mature technology, is still unable to realize economic benefit." Citic industry analysts li lei says, "there are even plus the carbon tax and the prices are high, the cost of traditional factors cao is still to be much lower, so airlines will not use large-scale enterprise."

Tsing capital managing director of the concept of green LinTing also pay close attention to the company, but in his view, the domestic environmental atmosphere and system construction are also far cannot sustain such enterprise. "We all know that deal with 'hogwash oil' do is a good thing down, but now the situation is simply not a sound recovery mechanism." In his view, the domestic costs of the system is also in virtually weakened economy of biofuels, "you said the Dutch airlines have the ability to do, that's because somebody else has a system of the recovery system, now China's low-cost garbage of many, simple oil refining can wearproof.and have income, then back to the market and who to do refining?"

A set of green industry chain will have the system behind the system to support, that China is still far can't do. So, the expert suggests to technology research and, at the same time, think about how to solve this system: "relevant departments should perfect the relevant laws and regulations and establish good waste recycling system, but also for the use of clean energy to provide incentives, to the environmental protection enterprise to living space, and encourage them to increase development, do profitable, thus, to mature technology, to have more market subject to promote environmental protection products, or biological fuel even made the breakthrough of technology, and can only be too high."

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