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A South Carolina criminal defense attorney represents clients who have been accused of committing a crime. If you are facing criminal charges, this specialized attorney will defend your rights from a simple misdemeanor to an involved felony. A /criminal-defense.html">criminal defense attorney can be privately hired or provided by the government. A criminal defense lawyer appointed by the state or federal government is called a public defender.

Manipulating the judicial system

The harrowing truth about today's criminal justice system is that it is very easy to end up on the wrong end of a criminal indictment. More and more people are becoming skilled at manipulating the judicial system to their own benefit. Something as simple as being in the wrong place at the wrong time can bury you deep in a circumstance that you may struggle to dig yourself out of on your own.

Protect yourself and your reputation

The best way to protect yourself and your rights is to take a proactive approach the minute you are accused of a crime. A criminal prosecution case can cause significant damage to your life and your reputation, even if you are found not guilty.

If there is even a hint that a criminal investigation may be occurring that involves you, it is safer to bet that trouble is stirring then to turn a blind eye. Quick action can help reduce the amount of any criminal exposure. It can also help ease expenses (both short-term and long-term), as well as prevent the whole ordeal of being dragged out by the judicial system.

If you are facing potential or actual criminal charges, an experienced South Carolina defense attorney can help you protect your rights and help you avoid things like:

* License suspension or revocation* Immigration consequences, such as extradition * A violent or felonious criminal record * Prison time or a jail sentence* Having to register as a sex offender * DNA registry for felony convictions * Substantial fines * Conviction on your criminal record

A criminal defense attorney can help you with a number of various chargers. Here are some of the more common ones:

* White collar crimes: these include things like insider trading, fraud and embezzlement

* Drug trafficking and distributing: possession of narcotics with intent to sell can have serious consequences; as can distributing them.

* Mortgage fraud: this will soon be a large part of federal indictments. Mortgage brokers, borrowers, and even lenders are going to be under close examination in these times. Any false information on an application could be used in an indictment.

* Computer or Internet fraud: this type of fraud has developed and grown significantly in the past decade.

* Credit card fraud and identity theft: these cases are becoming more prevalent. The investigation will be conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Treasury Department and possibly the Secret Service.

* Alien smuggling: this often-lucrative and dangerous act is taken very seriously by the federal government. If someone is hurt during smuggling, the consequences are more severe.

* Insurance fraud: making a false claim to the insurance company, intentionally destroying insured property or fraudulently obtaining insurance can be prosecuted at either the state or federal level.

* Tax offenses: Failing to report, tax evasion or failing to file a return can all have serious penalties

* Medicare or Medicaid fraud: over-billing or billing for medicine and products that were never delivered are common forms of fraud the government will seek to indict. Medication dilution is also basis for an indictment.

* Firearms violations: this can include the importation of guns, distribution of guns and any other kind of business or illegal activity that involves firearms.

* Drinking Under the Influence: Laws are cracking down throughout the nation.

If you or a family member has been accused of a crime in South Carolina or have learned that charges may be brought, please visit the Web site for Dick James Law Firm of Greenville, South Carolina. Serving the residents of Anderson, Spartanburg and Greenville, South Carolina, our law firm offers free consultations so please contact

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