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Lately, we've been hearing about the job boom in medical services. One such field that hasn't received a great deal of press is psychology. If you have an interest in psychology, pursuing a degree in psychology may provide a satisfying and well paid career path.

A call is going out to our university, college students and to our high school seniors, to consider seeking a degree in psychology and counseling, and a career in the mental health field. The demand for professionals with such degrees is growing by leaps and bounds. Recent local, national and global changes in our economies and political bodies have thrown a significant portion of the population into an existential crisis, one that poses dangers to its victims and to the social body at large, in both the long and the short term. To avert or cope with this crisis, we must being to train people qualified to work in the mental health services now.

A degree in psychology or counseling qualifies the graduate for social and clinical work. Students preparing to work in the mental health field should emphasize those studies that will enable them to counsel and treat the growing mass of people who have been alienated, displaced, dispossessed, thrown from the comforts and security of a middle class life, into the terror of homelessness and poverty. Currently,our institutions, our economy and government are faltering. Due to unemployment and rising prices, once mentally healthy families are plummeting into the abyss of poverty and the onset of mental disease. We need people with a degree in psychology or counseling in order to aid, comfort, and heal the minds and families that have been stricken by cataclysmic social change.

Students preparing to face this crisis may want to focus their studies in childhood development and child counseling. Immediate child and adolescent counseling is needed now. Troubled children and teens are going through frightening changes, having to leave the only home they've known, for cold and often dirty shelters, or to vulnerable homeless camps. Most of these children are suffering severe disorientation. They are now susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse, to deviant behavior and socially abnormal disorders. Domestic violence increases as husbands and wives bicker over their poverty and use each other to vent their fury at a world that has turned on them.

Children then tend to grow distrustful of their parents. Withdrawing into themselves, they perceive the world as antagonistic. Their self-image takes a beating, from jibes and mean spirited remarks from other children whose parents have not yet fallen. Without a professional, with a degree in psychology or counseling out there to help them find their way back to hopefulness, these children may be forever psychologically damaged or lost in this difficult new world.

A degree in psychology or counseling will enable you to aid, comfort, and render therapy to the men and women, thousands of adults, who are joining the ranks of the impoverished and dispossessed on a daily basis. The transition into poverty can be deadly, as we can easily see by the rise in suicide among unemployed parents. Suicide is the greatest threat to these unfortunate people who have lost their homes and careers so rapidly. Deviant behavior and crime will increase among them.

Thousands of fathers seething in the beds of shelters, are shamed, despairing and enraged because their society has failed to give them the opportunity to work and support their families. Despair and suicide is one road out. The other is to bear the humiliation as best they can. For some, robbery, burglary and dealing drugs are other 'solutions'. Abnormal disorders remain, neurosis, emotional and cognitive disorders, even schizophrenia. People suddenly cast into poverty are highly susceptible to these.

If you're a student considering what your major should be, what field to make your career, consider getting a degree in psychology or counseling. With the way the economy is going, you can expect your knowledge will be in demand for some time to come. Practicing psychology can also be highly satisfying, as you're helping people regain their lives and self-respect.

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