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If you want to cancel your insurance policy the best way to go about it would be in writing. Cancellation of an insurance policy needs to follow the state rules. Usually no one wants to get their insurance canceled. But there may be circumstances where you need to cancel you insurance policy. Insurance companies too would like to keep you as customers and some companies make it difficult for you to get your policy canceled with them.

How to cancel insurance? A letter of cancellation for insurance is what you need in order to deactivate your policy with your insurer. It is best to use a cancellation letter for the records. It is an official way to annul your policy.

* Your name and address* Your policy number (the one you would like to cancel)* Your phone number* Name and address of the insurance company* The date on which you would like to end the insurance

There are also a few additional information that you may provide. These are, however, optional. Take a look:

* Reason why you would like to terminate your policy. You are not in any way bound to let them know at all but if you do want to you can let the insurance company know the reason.* Effective dates of the policy. Although they will have them on file, it is a wise idea to include this so that there is no conflict between your report and theirs.* If the reason for your termination is switching to a better provider, you may like to mention the name of that company along with the rate that you have been offered.

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