International Student Health Insurance - Protect Yourself When Studying Abroad

If you have decided to study outside of your home country, you are more than likely very excited. For many students, it's the first time they have travelled outside of their country and the thrill of the unknown is exhilarating. However, all of your studies could come quickly to a halt if you become ill or have an accident. The hospital bills can quickly add up to more than your tuition for the semester! One way to prevent these expensive medical bills is to purchase international student health insurance.

How Does International Student Health Insurance Work?

When a student travels to another country, it can be difficult to find quality insurance from a local insurance company. International student health insurance provides coverage to students and at a very reasonable cost. This insurance covers hospital visits, outpatient visits, lab work, and in some cases prescriptions. The student may have a deductible to pay, but the rest is covered by the insurance company.

Many Schools Require International Students to Have Health Insurance

Many schools, especially those within the United States, require international students to carry health insurance. The policy can be tailored to the student's needs. Policies are available with deductibles from $0 to $2500. The maximum benefits may also vary between policies. The effective dates can be as short as one day and as long as three years. However, if the policy is cancelled for non-payment, it could affect the student's eligibility to attend college.

The Internet Offers the Best Deals

There are several websites that offer international student health insurance quotes. You will find these sites are usually very user friendly and only list reputable insurance companies. By simply completing a short health questionnaire, you will immediately be able to see how much it will cost. If you wish to purchase the insurance, you can do so through a number of payment options.

In most cases, you will receive an email confirmation, followed by your policy. Print your policy and keep it in a safe place. You will probably be asked to provide this policy when you arrive at your school.

How Are Claims Filed?

Check your policy to see what the claim process entails. Many hospitals and physician's offices accept international student health insurance and may file the claim for you. If you have questions, be sure to speak with a service representative. They should be able to address your concerns.

In Closing

If you will be travelling abroad for your education, international student health insurance is a must. It's not only often required by the school, but it simply protects you from incurring costly medical bills. Choose your policy carefully. Many websites offer free quotes. You can purchase and print the policy that best suits your needs. Discover how affordable this insurance is today!

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