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          Greetings readers and followers of Criminology and Justice Digital Media!  Many times over, this sensationalism free platform has written articles on world events, human rights, police officer psychology, bullying, sex trafficking as well as others, all devoid of hype and given to the public for review.  This article will be no different in its approach in the hopes of at least gaining insight to a seldom spoken yet heard constantly question, is our world coming undone, are we on the track to our proverbial end or are the things going on just a part of history or something to that effect; what sparked my own curiosity was still seeing posts in social media platforms that hint of a bigger scope, tell of atrocities like no other, point out our missing and take the in your face approach to a whole new level, with the exception that only a small portion of us actually read about what is happening while focusing on the oozing of failure and catastrophic events (besides Justin Bieber), we feed off of the media wide focuses and look less into solutions until they affect us direct.  This author picked out a few topics to review and will now share with our readers, points of interest, news items and events that may help us reconsider those same questions, by the way you may have noticed this font is a bit larger than our usual font, we figured that since our world hypes up most anything, we would join the bandwagon with a increase in this article in font size, that is from 12 to 14 and it was quite a leap.


          Ravaging the lands like never before may sound a bit barbaric or even ruthless in some senses, especially when it comes to war time images or some of the brutality images we are flooded with daily and historically.  In order to understand where we are, we must first look at what “Ravaging” really means, by definition, whether noun or verb form, to ravage means to damage, devastate, ruin or mar, essentially laying waste to something and while it is true that ravaging does take place during war, it is not the only time it happens.  Nothing says ravaging like revenge, for example on the morning of July 4, 2012 a mosque burned for the second time except this time leaving with it, destruction, questions, a surveillance tape and a community of persons worshiping God without a temple to do so, this happened in Joplin, Missouri according to the Joplin Globe.  Fifty families, fifty persons whose place of worship was burned to the ground by a suspected arsonist stood tall in their faith and though disrupted from their normal meeting place that was – ravaged – continued on, some in shock and no doubt disgust decided to be the better example, the question still remains as of that date as to who the person was that started the blaze, I’m sure the FBI if they haven’t already solved it certainly would love the help, so don’t be shy if you know something, please share it. 

          Moving our Globe a bit northward, toward an outlet known as Global Research, located in Canada, we uncover an article that plainly states, “FBI Suspicious Activity Reports” Target Political Dissent.  Within its confines, they look into an ACLU report of how the FBI has expanded since 2008, what they deem as an abuse of authority by surveillance and intrusive acts against citizens that is “too broad and vague”.  Citing specific examples of the titles of the programs used, the ACLU is going against “Big Brother”, I use this term loosely as big brother exists globally not just in the USA, that’s one for you conspiracy theorists, you heard it from this author first, big brother does exist however you can take the tin foil hats off, they don’t work yep they have that technology too.  In fact, all kidding aside, the article cites the program titles NSARI and ISSESARSS, let’s just sum it up as a Nationwide Surveillance Attempt (NSA, my version) the ACLU report claims that the abuse of power in part stems from the secrecy surrounding the information being collected and how or who it is shared among the powers that be.  Given the moment to reflect on the accusation, this author thought, well why wouldn’t a Law Enforcement Agency keep secrets about who and how the suspects are being tracked, not to mention the millions of persons who have those quiet little secrets no one really needed to know anyway.  Specific interests within the FBI report are that profiling of Muslim and other races is the center focus. In its base form, they claim the FBI has ravaged a select group of citizens for the purposes of maliciously targeting a group due to protection, the date of the report filed by the globe, November 1, 2013. 

          Another series of ravages come from a case that came before the Supreme Court, United States vs. Morrison (529 U.S. 598) the petitioner filed that they were raped, while at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and that due to this occurring, it violated her right (USC 42,13981) and that due to this violation, she is entitled to federal civil remedy.  The Supreme Court had in front of it, in January of 2000, in its essence, gender motivated violence.  As a male or female, it is horrifying to think that there are certain persons on our globe that hate you, to their very core just because of your gender and think that because of your gender, they can exert authority over you when it comes to sex, work, daily life and yes even slavery counts as no one is legally deemed authoritative over anyone, except maybe some employers (said in jest of course).  The situation unfolded in September of 1994, not long after enrollment into this school, around 30 mins of meeting two varsity football players, the petitioner stated they raped and assaulted to the point of causing emotional distress which caused her to seek counseling and psychiatric assistance in coping with, now embedded, depression and anxiety.  Six years after initially starting down the path of legal avenues, this case was heard.  I will spare the details of how the two perpetrators slandered her name and even bragged about what happened, the link is at the bottom of this article, however, again a person was ravaged by a heinous act and sought out justice, both criminally and civilly, and same situation with our old friend O.J. Simpson, but I digress.  I applaud the outcome of this decision, it supports the Violence Against Women Act and shows just how the laws are supposed to work and I applaud the victim in this case for pushing back and using the entire negative surrounding the circumstances as a force for creating change for the good and of course many thanks to Cornell Law Library, the many users of truth glasses do appreciate you.

          In short, with items other than war, we the global community are being ravaged, ravaging or seeking new avenues to deter these items, point of interest, regardless of race, religion, language or background, this author finds so many common interests that go unspoken that I cannot help but wonder about “What if we joined globally as a community of interests and put aside our backgrounds to have open and frank discussions of common interest.”  That is a goal we should all have, if not for the sole purpose of slowing down the ravaging over our earth, including strip mining, blood diamonds, moral unrest (such as invasion of digital privacy), human trafficking, drugs, famine and the list goes on.  There is hope on the horizon, due to agencies, scientists, politicians, world leaders and events, we are slowly learning newer and better ways to accomplish all this unrest, including riding along this digital wave that parties like hackers (cough, anonymous) and spies (cough, NSA and foreign governments) rule silently and slowly, they churn out our anger and cries of foul play when they get caught, indeed it seems we are ravaged to some degree even digitally, keep your antivirus and anti malware in check.  Ravaging is indeed rampant, on several levels, personal injury, suffrage, worldly events and local tragedies and no doubt it is leading into our total “self” destruction.


          We have seen examples of Ravaging, with or without majority consent, but what about the destruction side, are we literally destroying ourselves and if so, how?  Our first look will be at the costs of war, certainly a destructive force with lots of death tolls and property damage and living up to its “title”.  Ask any ‘new’ soldier from any unit if they are trained for war, aka war ready, most will shout yes and show their “muscle” as to their preparedness to any skirmish and we do mean ask any soldier, worldwide; now ask a seasoned soldier what it is like, for real, many will answer, bloody, loud, quick, dark, confusing and a host of other descriptions depending on what soldier one speaks with as each soldier experiences their part differently, yes even pilots have lots to consider, PTSD knows no discrimination techniques and is very destructive.

          Imagine living in a region and suddenly war is upon your grounds and within a period of time, 60,000 people are dead and what’s left behind is a virtual wasteland full of the stench of death and burning terrains.  In 216 BC, this happened in a historically bloody battle, Romans vs. Carthaniginians, the Romans lost 50,000 soldiers over a period of hours, the Romans went up the center, the Carthaniginians anticipated this maneuver and literally out flanked their opponent and surrounded them, forcing them to fight to the death from all sides, 2 consuls were among the dead.  Napoleon is also no stranger to knowing how to devastate, but on one occasion, in 1813, the battle of Leipzig featured French troops going against a formidable allied union, the result 84,000 dead in a conflict that proved to be the breaking point for an allied advance into France itself.  Given the known history of weapons, I would dare say there was plenty of molten metal’s and lead in several locations not to mention very busy undertakers and laymen for rebuilding.  Even Russia has seen the devastating effects of destruction in the battle for Stalingrad, 1942, where 1,971,000 lives were lost over a 2 year period.  The German bombing offensive left Stalingrad in ruins, punishing everything in its wake, which left the terrain less than manageable and caused house to house searches and fighting, when the weather changed, a two pronged offensive by Russia changed the game with the assistance of weather and literally surrounding their enemy, to which Hitler all but ignored and causing his 6th army to be totally crushed. 

          As stated, certainly war presents total destruction and with advancing technologies, the expanding wars that are taking place all over the world, things do look rather bleak, to secure peace is to prepare for war, but we must realize that the cost of war is loss of lives, these lives may include our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends and the like, remember, in the blink of an eye a quiet walk can become a hell storm, literally, pause for a silent moment for the Boston Marathon survivors, the most recent example of quiet disruption.  Changing the pace a bit and turning into a darker area of view, there is an form of destruction we only hear about topically and few express what happens to them personally, it is a war within itself and even has that label though I don’t prefer to use it, the war on drugs is only the tip of the iceberg, in every war there are casualties, not just the soldiers, but the families, so if we speak of this metaphorically, the users are the soldiers in this case, their suppliers are the “captains” of that sanction and the families suffer loss of loved ones same as any war and not on violence alone, the truest form of destruction.  Thousands of people everyday overdose on drugs, all kinds of them not just those labeled “illegal” but including the cause and effect that make their use “illegal”, after all Nyquil is a cheap alcohol buzz.

          This entire world, not just the United States has a drug problem, for in every way we can create something for a good, when it comes to medical science, including natural and manmade items, someone will become hooked on its effects, others will want to experience that and try it and then a chain of people suddenly have a need for something that originally wasn’t intended that way, a chilling fact.  Addiction is a serious problem and neighborhoods that are affected by the heavy use and distribution, show signs of destruction everywhere, graffiti “tagging” showing gang activity, run down houses that are protected by either gun or trained animal or both, unusual activities surrounding a particular residence and the earmarks could take up a page or more, however, what is important is the addict and chain still have casualties that cause destructive things to happen.  Casualties that may include a total lack of self respect and appearance of home and self, just as an example consider this, the average family of four, if they ate cheaply can eat at McDonald’s for around 25 dollars including an apple pie, for that same amount a person can purchase pain pills (street value 8 to 10 dollars per pill), 2.5 grams of marijuana (street value 10 dollars per gram), a “hit” of Heroin (street value varies by region and quality), a small amount of crack cocaine (street value varies by region and quality), a case of beer (average retail prices are around 20 to 25 per case), a bottle of wine (nothing like strawberry farm wine), a bottle of any liquor and the list goes on and on.

          The difference, the destructive thought process takes the meals from the mouths that need it (metaphorically speaking) to replace it with a high, simply due to the need for a euphoria provided by a substance.  In the first example (eating at McD’s) money exchanged in one pays for the food, which supports the salaries; the money exchanged in the other employs no one, causes sons and daughters to rob from their fathers and mothers, can produce intense moments of violence, criminal behaviors and the like.  The destructive path of drugs knows no boundaries, no regions as unfamiliar and no family untouched by the devastating effects, in the USA alone, 320 Billion dollars are estimated to be spent on drugs that is, abusers or users of them spend that much, considering the latest stat of 7 Billion people on Earth, that is the equivalent of each person spending 45.71 or so each in its contribution, the destructive paths of war and drugs are continuously ravaging our planet and our citizens, in short.  How it can happen, may or may not surprise you.

          Everyone knows John Doe and Jane Doe, well one day John Doe and Jane Doe went to a party where they decided to partake of this radical new drug that their friend said was totally cool and in order to feel good, you simply must have a try, they’ve been using it themselves a while and there is “nothing like it”.  The couple decides to give it a try and they were told correctly, it is unlike anything before; they acted goofy, felt relaxed, became totally uninhibited and liked it so much they decided to get some for themselves.  This attribution continued on for years, but no one paid much attention to the extreme weight loss or sunken eyes and shady, withdrawn behaviors of the couple, they took it as though their lives were just that busy, until one day when the mail delivery person, accidentally overlooks the extra piece of mail and slips it into the next door neighbor’s box by mistake.  The neighbor makes the discovery and deciding to be nice knocks on the door, with no answer decides to place it in their mailbox, next to the front door.  While doing so, discovers the couple slumped over on their couch through a view of the front window, the radical new drug in front of them, and both dead.  This is a situation all families fear, finding their loved one or dear one in this scenario, a parody example of destruction, yes, but a hard reality to many families worldwide that receive those phone calls or visits from officials telling them the sad news.  Recent examples of “private” destruction include one of Hollywood’s own, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and allegedly found with the paraphernalia still in his own arms, may he rest in peace.

          So far, we have encountered two examples of destruction, war and drugs, which are hot bed issues that can touch a nerve with almost anyone, either in defense or support.  November 2012, California passed, with an 81% majority proposition 35.  Proposition 35 is a reflection, a statement, a fact that is destroying our society, it is a practice known as Human Trafficking.  This proposition, stiffens penalties for those convicted of this crime, increases fines and could land someone in prison for a maximum of a lifetime sentence, the law, almost doubled all penalties and included child pornography as one of the offenses covered.  A bold step that many areas, not just California need to stiffen and reflect what we all know, children are precious not a commodity for money, prostitution or slavery, regardless of region they come from or what “laws of the land” may apply to gender or number, there is NO viable excuse for the trading or trafficking of a child or any human, male or female, yet the hard facts remain, that along with missing children or persons, trafficking such as this does exist and it is destruction of society.

          I could write a novel on the effects of human trafficking alone, citing regions that contribute to it, where the highest amounts occur at and yes even the one not far from the White House in the USA, I would be echoing the many faces, voices and citizens who agree that this type of destruction needs to halt.  Let’s face the facts, we do live on a planet that has countries within its regions that shall we say, ‘limit’ the amount of genders allowed in newborn children, I won’t point fingers, but I will say on a personal note that it disgusts me knowing that it exists and if that country truly is interested in Human Rights, as they signed in agreement at the United Nations, maybe they should rethink things.  Let’s not confuse this with laws about items that are inhumane, but a lost hand of a thief compares nothing to the lost life of a child and that includes certain regions who use children as jockeys in sporting events, yeah, you know who you are, my truth glasses don’t miss much and that also disgusts me, that you think money and desire outweigh a life of a child from another region, to be beaten, starved and not allowed to say a word when sexually abused or they face the possibility of death, every one of you need to be strapped to a log, have your backsides shown and whipped, yep, truth glasses have you in sight as well.  How best to destroy ourselves than by starting with our own children, total destruction from ship to shore has shown to include: War, Drugs and Abduction, three huge items and the surface hasn’t been scratched.

          Destroying ourselves and our planet in the above examples has proven to be, in part due to the ravaging nature of humanity, one that we all see and read about, one that many citizens are aware of and yet remain silent or non-reactive about, one that someone somewhere has seen that missing face, knows who killed that person, knows where all the drug houses are and yet chooses to not speak, act or move forward, they wait for someone else to take that lead and then support them behind their own closed doors, agreeing with the hyped up media blitz and only focusing when it comes to the forefront of their eyes.  This is how to Ravage and Destroy like never before with it affecting citizens from shore to shore, many scholars have echoed this statement and in conclusion, I too will reiterate it with my own interpretation; “The world will not be destroyed by those who Ravage and Destroy but by those who look upon it and say or do absolutely nothing.”  Many thanks to Gargamel, from the Smurfs, who provided the Title to this article, your cry over the thrashing seas was heard and spoke about.  Truth Glasses down, good day.


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