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Museum Security Sector in the long struggle with the criminals continue to improve preventive measures, additional material from the first anti-air defense to the development of civil air defense, anti-matter anti-added technology, technology is also on the collection of protection against its constant development. Recalling the museum security Technology Looking to the history of prevention in the "prevention first, combining prevention with control" approach to better improve the function of Museum Security and Protection, to ensure the collection of security. Museum collection with a natural, historical, scientific, cultural and artistic value of the rich collection is a valuable non-renewable resources. Study of its history, outstanding cultural heritage, dissemination of scientific and cultural knowledge, Education The masses, is of great significance and role. It's fine to attract people to visit and study. Also attracted the attention of lawless greed, they attempt to Theft Collections to achieve their dreams of riches. Therefore, protecting the collection became the responsibility of the museum. Museum Security and Protection is to make criminals away from the collection to collection from the criminals Damage And steal the fight produced and developed. I. Review of Museum Security and Protection (A), in the fight against criminals and produce Been generated from the museum, there are certain evil hands of criminals to stretch their collections. Increase of anti-air defense to protect the museum collection of the early important means. Increase of anti-air defense deficiencies have time and space. In the August 15, 1959 Wu Qinghui thieves sneaked into the compound with high walls, and a very strong force to defend the Palace Museum in Beijing steal, stole the Emperor gold engagement books, ancient coins and artifacts such as Queen's sword (the perpetrators of that year on November 12th Day reappear). Thus, the Beijing Public Security Bureau on January 25, 1960, will be our first Voice Alarm Alarm , Cleverly installed in the Beijing Palace Museum Treasures from the Museum. The evening of 16 April 1962 8 pm, Sun Guofan sneaked into the National Palace Museum treasures of attempted theft, "Imperial Consort Zhen-Indian" and other artifacts. These priceless treasures do not fall into the hands of criminals. This is because the defense equipment and technology has played a significant role, captured criminals. Established a meritorious defense of David. Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Public Security 1982 First Research Institute, under the anti-theft alarm at the development of technology for the Forbidden City Hall installed a lot of active infrared, passive infrared, microwave, ultrasound, voice and other anti-theft Detector To form a variety of detection means of anti-theft alarm system, burglar alarm to a new level of technology. Since then, the evil hands of criminals repeatedly stretched David, but because of the installed alarm to play a role, watch keeping personnel immediately arrived at the scene and arrested him. This is the anti-theft alarm system Forbidden role, its deterrent effect is even greater. (2), universal and norms 84 years after the security technology to prevent spread in China has entered a stage with the increase, and rapid development. Have various museums, banks, shopping malls, supermarkets, housing estates have gradually established a Security and Protection System, such as the Revolutionary Museum, the Museum of History, Lu Xun Museum, the Capital Museum, Museum of Liaoning, Fujian Museum, Shanghai Museum, Shenzhen Museum, Museum of Chinese technology China Business is OK, the Potala Palace are all established Museum Security and Protection System. The Imperial Palace has established a comprehensive Fireproof Security, preventive security technology television monitoring system. 84 years in particular, the 35th anniversary of Nation al Day to strengthen security work, the establishment of a television monitor in Tiananmen Square project on the work of our security technology has fueled anti-defense role. Since then into the TV monitor technology have anti-theft alarm system and urban traffic control, which improves system functionality. 92 on September 18 took place in Kaifeng large cultural theft, 69 artifacts were stolen, the case named "918," the case. Offenders forced open the window into the exhibition hall will showcase the top step in with a pre-tested against the anti-technology means more than one passive infrared detector cover, loss of alarm function, so that theft succeed. People have gained a lot of inspiration, noted the importance of prevention perimeter. Meanwhile, in the protection zone and the restricted area with 3 or more detectors with different detection principles to build more lines of defense, at the same time block the function of anti-detectors have appeared, and to promote te chnological development of intrusion detectors. Security and Protection career development but also in on the civil air defense, physical defense against the organic integration of technical knowledge on the increase. A deeper appreciation of property is the basis for defense, civil air defense is the guarantee against its construction technology platform can play a role, otherwise the advanced security technology to prevent, discover the criminals could not catch him, will still be stolen heritage . Understanding to overcome one-sidedness, but also promoted the cause of security technology to prevent development. With the development of future technology showcase, a showcase alarm uprising is widely used, but also to improve the Museum Security and Protection is an important part. 11 from 98 months to January 2003 on the issuance and implementation of the Security and Protection of national standards and industry standards 9 21. This series of standard security technology f or businesses against the project implementation and acceptance have a basis. It is essential to ensure project quality. Among the most perfect ICIF system standard in 1992, the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Public Security issued the "cultural museums security risk level and level of provision" and the 1996 "Heritage Museum Security and Protection systems engineering design requirements," they stressed the Museology System Security engineering design should follow the principle of the protective system in depth, the establishment of perimeter to prevent, monitor areas, protection zones and restricted areas. Specification of the Museum Security and Protection System of the building. Since then, the museum security technology to prevent the development has been rapid. In the Zhejiang Museum, Yunnan Museum Museum of perimeter intrusion prevention is to stop and prevent the loss of contributing collections. Current security technology to prevent the country is already very a dvanced, basic and international connected to the rail. In modern computer technology, automation technology and modern communication technology support, Security and Protection System is a comprehensive computer control system. Anti-theft alarm system, TV monitoring system, sound system, access control systems, and uniform patrol system managed by a computer, indicates that China's Security and Protection has entered a new stage. (C), from the single plus Crime Prevention Crime Prevention Loss Prevention to the transition In crime prevention, in addition to theft, arson there. Forbidden City built a fire alarm early, television monitor, the Security and Protection System, and now most of the museums have been established fire alarm, television monitor, the Security and Protection System

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