My Bully – A short story about one person’s experience

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      Readers, what you are about to experience is a view from the images of my own mind as I reflect upon a year that changed my daughter, a school, this family and the fire inside me that burns in support of children everywhere who have to suffer with any style of bullying or harassment and humiliation.  This article is 100% Truth Glasses, from a outside view with my own style of natural writing, not only does this author present articles that enforces deeper thinking, but I am also the founder of Bludog’s Cornerstone, a platform for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories and creative writing.  All I can ask, is that you read through this article, keep in mind, the eyes you will see through may be your own, but the person who is experiencing some of these items is very real and I will give it my best effort to help unlock the box of third person point of view with a first person perspective, so that being said, enjoy this article on My Bully, a seventh graders experience.

            Thanks to a bad employer, my family was forced to move from where my father worked (he worked and we lived in a housing community), exactly one year to the day that we moved in.  This put tremendous pressure on us, even with his unemployment, the toll of what was to come didn’t compare.  I had to help out with the move, no one else pitched in much, mostly it was our family, me, my sister and mom and dad.  Once we got moved into our new place, several things changed and like I said earlier, what was to come didn’t compare.  First, my sister and I had to enroll in a new set of schools, conveniently all three levels of learning in one spot in our area.  I didn’t have many friends cause just about every time I would one of them would “change”, like out of nowhere one of them would become childish or try and torment me, pointing out how they didn’t like something about me or what I may have been wearing.  My mom and dad would tell me to just ignore them, not to let it get to me and try to be strong. By the way, I am taller and a bit heavier than most girls my age. 
            With this being a new school year and my first year of middle school, I was somewhat excited at the chance to be a part of such a prestigious school, high honors, challenges for the academic minds, I was a straight A student with a bright future at that moment.  Within the first month, something happened, I have no idea, but it felt like I was enemy number one, so many kids poking fun at me, saying things, throwing things and even threatening me, why?  What did I do?  I am helpful and friendly, I try to stay focused on my studies, but this treatment is unreal.  Some days I would sit and try to listen to the teacher, but my hair would get pulled or have pieces of paper and other objects thrown at me.  I would come home and tell my parents what was going on, they would respond with encouragement and tell me to start reporting these kids, let the school know about it.  I forgot to mention that the previous school I attended had a “No Bully” policy that worked great, almost no one really had issues and when they did, it was handled firmly.  So I did what my parents suggested and started reporting them, by December of that school year 20 reports and Christmas break (winter break) in sight.  My dad began to notice the withdrawal in me, hearing direct things like “I can’t wait to go on break, to get away from it”; My Father, who was having issues of his own began to become more and more involved in my life, which brought some harsh chewing outs and punishments, but that is only because I think he had no idea how badly inside I was hurting.  I got quiet, started lashing out at my sister and trying to find some peace in my world, where I could get away.
            Sometime around the New Year, at the bus stop it began to escalate, on school grounds, 5 children threatened me with harm.  I was scared and responded with alerting one of the monitors who assured me nothing would happen. I talked again with my parents, Dad became the center piece of my talks, he started teaching me self defense moves that he had learned, some kind of military, pseudo-judo stuff, pretty neat and effective, I know this first hand cause an “incident” happened in a classroom that ended up with me initially forcing my opponent into a bookshelf with one of the things dad showed me, it worked too well, I froze after and didn’t know what to do next, didn’t end well, but the surprise and short boost of confidence helped.  Would I make it to spring break in peace now?  No.  My parents have always given me the freedom to grow, and with lots of my friends on social platforms and me being 13, my parents gave me permission to have an account, they would monitor it if needed, no worries from me, I have been very open about what’s going on, so trust has long since been established.  What I found out, was that even in the digitized world, I became a victim.  Harsh posts, threatening messages, torment and hundreds of comments, it hurt, it hurt bad enough that I would cry silently in my room, the safe place, the place I can just be away from everyone, the pressure, the incredible humiliation and the self doubts, I saw myself everyday in the mirror, I know I am not perfect, but I am human.
            The end of the year was approaching, my mind still trying to move forward, Dad coming down hard on me because my grades were slipping, my mind raced for answers, I knew the material, I really didn’t care, I had to attend a school that stressed academics and forgot the kids.  850 students and by this time over 40 reports with all things going on, a guidance counselor and associate principle now involved, thanks to a parent teacher conference scheduled by my parents.  Tons of pressure, tons of hurt and humiliation, I am literally trapped in a personal hell.  An afternoon bus ride, I am attacked with my attacker choking me screaming “I will f-ing kill you” I was terrified, I came home and told my parents what had happened, my Dad exploded in anger, got in his truck and went back to the school.  He went into the front office, pushed past the secretary who told him where the principal was, entered his office and said the following, “I am the father of the girl who was just attacked on one of your buses, she has suffered over 40 incidents of bullying that has caused her grades to drop, her self confidence to go down and now, this.  I am not a parent who follows children home when things like this happen, I am a parent who will say two things to you, first, if my daughter suffers one more incident, one more fight, one more terroristic item, not only will I sue this school, but I will come back here and whip your rear end personally for allowing her and any other child in this school to suffer.  I read the entire code of conduct and what the school’s responsibility is and what my daughter’s rights are, you have allowed an altercation by ignoring over 40 reports, 5 police reports with NO results, proving your teachers and system incompetent.  I have also learned that your school reports 10% of your students suffer this same atrocity, that’s nearly 100 students out of 850, believe me when I say, when and if I return, it will be worth it, cause I might just hold you down and let those students line up and spank you like you should be.”

            There were about 3 weeks left in the school year when that happened, dad made it a point to drive me home from the school from that point forward, he would stare the principal down every day as we drove out of the parking lot. Around the last days of school, I and my sister are out enjoying the beginning of warmer temperatures, 2 high school girls and 3 of my bullies showed up where I live.  They chased us and threatened to beat us up, record it on their phone and post it on a few social platforms.  We ran to a neighbor’s house that we walked dogs for, got inside and called my dad.  He came out, picked us up and we went looking for the girls, who disappeared as fast as they appeared.  My father was furious, so he called our local police and filed criminal charges against the group.  With the help of the school’s officers, we were able to identify them, what happened next even surprised me.  We were told to finish up the paper work by going downtown to juvenile court offices.  When we got there the paper they handed us wanted the names and addresses of the persons who assaulted her, that students parents names, phone numbers and items that should have been obtained by the police or at least the courts, how were we supposed to get that information when the school doesn’t allow just anyone to get that info.  That meant a legal battle, my dad would have nothing of it, he chewed out their staff, told them that he would be adding them to his own lawsuit against the entire set of persons who fail his daughter, even told the guy to stop talking he was wasting air, I laughed inside, felt good to have that kind of support, I know my dad and mom love me.  My dad started a fund raising campaign to try and raise the money for the suit, sadly it didn’t raise much but it did cause him to write an article about bullying (not just this one) and he did raise a serious awareness.  The principal of that school was removed along with a few other staff, Dad reenrolled me in another school that mom and dad drove us to everyday and as I look back upon those days, now with more mature eyes, the scars remain, the loner part of me is semi permanent, the memories remain but now, I am no longer around them, I am around a new group, but more wise and a lot more focused, I’ve learned something, all they will ever be is just a bully, likely to end up with a career in being a drug user, a criminal or just not able to handle a relationship or even life, but as for me, I will continue to march forward, the world needs to know, bullies should be stopped not just temporarily restrained.  I’m now in high school, if you think it stops after a certain grade, come see me.  Good day.
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