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A common misconception about sports insurance and particularly about football insurance is that it is only for professionals: or that the insurance available to amateurs somehow only covers injury related costs, like being treated after a skiing accident. Actually, comprehensive personally arranged sports insurance can apply to amateurs with every bit of the usefulness that it applies to professionals. In some cases, there may even be more use for an amateur than there is for his or her equivalent full time professional. Take football insurance as an example. Now, while all professionals undoubtedly need and can get football insurance tailored to their specific requirements, there's a sense in which their earnings (at top level) take them outside the need for immediate recovery of earnings in the event of an injury. They are also often contracted to continue to earn through injury, so the protection of sports insurance in that case may not even apply. An amateur footballer , or a semi pro, on the other hand, can often be entirely dependent on a football insurance policy in the event that an injury suddenly removes his or her ability to earn money. This is the key distinction for holders of a sports insurance policy. If you perform a sport to a level or frequency where doing so might one day stop you earning money even if that money is not earned through the sport, then cover becomes not only advisable but indispensable. The amateur footballer who plays for a non league team and works as a baker, say, or a butcher, could conceivably find his or her earning power completely interrupted by an injury sustained playing for his club. At this point his football insurance is able to jump in and provide for his family until such time comes when he is able to resume his normal earning position. At the other end of the spectrum, one of the biggest earnings killers for professional footballers - and a good reason indeed for them to have sports insurance - is the end of the career. Even a footballer earning hundreds of thousands of pounds every week has a long life to live after he has finished kicking a ball. Without a proper retirement plan, that footballer can find himself broke and with no obviously employable skills. A football insurance policy put together by a professionally conscientious organisation is able to develop a retirement plan - career ending cover that works to bridge the gap between earning and not earning. Footballers are also targeted by thieves who have the same ready access to their schedules as the rest of us. It's not hard to know when a top footballer is not at home, you just have to keep an eye on club fixtures. Sports insurance can provide bespoke cover for players whose homes contain valuable items that are left unguarded at predictable times.

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