Racism, Justice and Unrest in the USA - Respecting Ourselves Part III

Article by: Scott Hall (scotthall.cnj@gmail.com)
            In previous parts I and II, our truth glasses revealed that in some part, the media is responsible for baiting our intellect with key words that tune us in, give us something to talk about and for some, express what they hadn’t been able to once before, except there was major looting and violence to accompany it.  We learned what it means to be racist in view and the differences in racism and being a racist, using vast resources we have uncovered a trend, this trend is now the focus within our United States and in the time it took me to finalize this three part series, more things have came to the forefront and not even being stopped by what is supposed to be the celebration of peaceful times, good tidings and many gifts to exchange from all that mad mall dashing.  Unrest is abundant, many important items in our truth glass range, which is in part the reason I delayed release of this article until after Christmas, let’s face it, we really need a rest from all this unrest.  We have seen that the justice system, once applied in generic form can apply to almost anyone and that we ourselves are the masters of decision when it comes to the process of justice, judgment and true influence within our Government’s system.  With our material desires now satisfied this day thanks in part to Saint Nicholas, let us truly sink our teeth into this tornado of turmoil.
            According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, unrest can be defined as either: 1) A situation in which many of the people in a country are angry and hold protests or act violently, or 2) A disturbed or uneasy state, reference to Turmoil.  Looking at the previous articles, applying them accordingly, we see that both definitions are met.  Many of the people within this country held and / or are holding protests and this includes acting violently, burning property, attacking neighborhoods and most recently, ambush killing two New York police officers just because they had on the uniform. A uniform that represents to many, safety - and every day the fine men and women who put on that uniform have to face the reality that there are some out there who wish to do them harm, thereby, this puts those persons lives on the line each time they go to work, protecting us as best they can against millions of people and helping us to have some direction and civility.  How many horrible accidents have you seen where the police didn’t set up some parameter to keep motorists flowing around the injured, or pushing the public back to safe distances when hostages are taken (prayers for you Australia).  The same can be said about the young lives lost, “I can’t breathe” chants and laying down protesting (a bit crazy, yet effective in message).  The intensity of grief, compounded by the loss of one’s family member, brother, son, daughter or child brought on at the hands of those sworn to uphold the law, which includes “blind justice” or those who wish to kill them, remember they too are someone’s son, brother or daughter.  It must seem ironic or out of sorts, doesn’t fit what the people want or what they know to be true.  Television, Newspapers, Social Media outlets one and all, then becomes the lightning rod, people acting at their worst, the pictures of news and parodies meant to antagonize, and then, compromise, healthy debates all this while the hurt still lingers on both sides, taking a life or losing a life, both have permanent effects. 
            We as a nation of citizens from all backgrounds and professionalisms, must remember that unrest and counter action have been a staple in this countries growth and that each time these things come to the forefront rather than be swept away in the lime light, the compromise part is rarely remembered, while the violent outbreaks and protesting with prosecution of individuals is remembered.  For example, Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783, the Doctors Mob Riot in 1788, the Cincinnati Riots of 1829, the anti immigration Philadelphia Nativists Riots of 1844, Ludlow Massacre in 1914, Tulsa Race Riot in 1921 as well as Ax Handle Saturday in Florida around 1960 are all classic examples of the results of unrest and rioting as well as the history our country has shown in each case.  In fact, the list is so long, that many of the readers of this article will only clearly remember as far back as the Rodney King beatings while a shrinking population will also easily remember Dr. King and even the President, JFK.  In each decade of growth as a nation with brighter ideas and bigger hopes for our future, it seems the unrest is growing or is it truly, with the tons of examples, this author sees this as what is needed in order for greater things to come and for peace to be born from it, a controlling of our Media’s tongues and rhetoric, that is to say if we want better outcomes, give us better examples to follow such as reporting the truth about the situation and not over analyzing things with too many persons, but first, before that can happen, we must stop taking advantage of the innocent, becoming the very same thieves and ‘crooks’ we claim our oppressors to be; We MUST stop the violent outbreaks and the labeling of citizens based on their ethnicity or what we perceive about them, we must stop the threats and counter threats of “oh yeah” style rhetoric, we are not a barbaric society, we are all human.  We know clearly who our enemies are and they are not our neighbors or the store owner who had to board up windows which didn’t stop the looting, our enemies are ourselves, we are so busy agreeing with what the majority labels and feed off of the hype and flash of ‘who’s who’ and ‘this is happening here and it’s so important so pay attention and get mad’; look around your own circle of friends, what are people talking about, which platform does it come from, who do you believe?
            Believing in what we are fed, is part of how we acquire knowledge, we trust those outlets to provide us the facts based on what is known, without circumvention into an oblique and non important focus, such as the example we saw in the witnesses at the Grand Jury hearing for Mr. Brown’s case.  Some of those witnesses provided information that was totally false, which inflamed the public’s view of all the tragedy going on, people were made instantly famous in the flash of a camera’s eye and the fight for popularity versus clarity came out, including the good reverend Al Sharpton, who in this authors opinion, has his priorities a bit wrong, Mr. Sharpton, you cannot just show up when the cameras are around and then look as though you are doing all you can to help, there are many who need it without those cameras and without regard to color, stop applauding old world thinking of black versus white with standing up for your ‘brother’ or the oppressing is still going on, we know it is, stop yelling, help us all by teaching us how to fix the things that are wrong, make them apply equally, not one sided or how about more standing up for all mankind, the same could be said of all of us, this means seeing beyond labels, viewing our fellow man based on their actions, character or circumstances and realizing they are human.
            I am certain that even the group, Anonymous, would agree that justice is often times overlooked because of missed obvious details and that public opinion does way heavy on the minds of persons, I do applaud them for their recent trend of events with the exception of this small bit of a request, please stop going after celebrities with sex tapes, I and other know that sex sells and nothing sells like juicy secrets or a bit of smack em with some humility, just saying we got enough of that with Kim’s Ass plastered everywhere, you seen one, you seen em all, but please do keep up the fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights to view cinema items without worry of what some other world leader has to say or attempts to do (allegedly), your collective mind is sharp and full of the same citizens ears that we here at Criminology and Justice Digital Media US Inc also enjoy, we both know what is wanted by the people, the plain and simple truth about things, my hat’s off to you, well done on a few levels.  I am sure many of you came here to read example after example of the unrest within our world and what our truth glasses would reveal about it all, here is your answer.

            What we have learned through this series and reflection upon the dominating stories that flood our headlines, is that we are victims of our own society, freely being baited by the free press who is focused on profits at most any cost not just including the race labels they use freely, by employing persons to get on camera and say what the public desires to hear, meaning, dirty laundry to gossip over, to let ruin great friendships and to let influence our very cores of decision making all while making fun in secret of the paparazzi. We all just knew OJ was guilty, we all saw it, right?  Your truth glasses should have taught you that we are all a small part of a great big planet, each with our own outlooks, ideas and thirst for what is right versus what is popular, your own research should show that police officers go through vigorous training and screening processes and are taught to trust almost no one, the world is a hard place, criminals make it that way. We should have learned that sadly, without labels, we have no one to point a finger at, or point out that circumstances are a specific way or twisted a specific outcome, remember our general example in part II, I ask again, who did you see?  One side must win, the other lose and within a strained criminal justice system, many things can go misunderstood, especially if flaunted around loosely, remember our defined example of homicide, it’s not just a term for a murder or killing.  The unrest in our society will only be contained when “We the People” decide to set aside our violent acts, come to the table to compromise a new direction and show up when votes mean voices. I love the United States of America, for all it is, was and will become, a great nation with a people whose will to live freely supersedes the will to commit violent acts of crime or other vicious outcries without at first voicing their opinions in venue’s long since established since its founding.

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