Bad Medicine

            This is not an article in relation to Bon Jovi’s song, nor will it be about how bitter tasting or yucky some medicines can be, it will however be an overview of many items that when ingested, will leave us empty and hungry for more answers to the many questions that will arise.  Bad Medicine is about the things we all have to swallow, real life examples of struggles and poor decisions that affect millions of persons and give several opportunities to think, instead the outcomes are stagnant without improvement and should be considered for voting, however because of unrest and injustice, it just won’t die and has become drug resistant, moral resistant, religiously resistant and money saturated.  The article will cover reality in our homeland, some direct opinions and scolding’s and will ring a familiar bell within all of us, that is, we will be reminded that things change by choice not by chants or chance, Truth Glasses optional though recommended for this one.
            In August of 2014, my daughter while attending school started complaining of headaches, strong ones.  The initial regime was to treat it based on symptoms - that is the tough part - the only one present, big pain and because of her youthful age, few options.  We first turned to Tylenol, which her headache laughed about and intensified in number.  While treating with the next step, Advil, we made the first of many doctor’s appointments.  The “Team” of doctors represented by the first subject, diagnosed it as stress and to treat it with 1-2 Advil tablets as needed and to call back if they did not improve.  A couple of weeks later with no improvement, a second appointment made, the next in the team said, stress related, increase meds to 2 every six hours.  Another visit and another and another and yes, another that lead to an increase of tablets to 3-4 per dose to dosing occurring every 4 hours and all the same, stress related headaches, finally a referral to a Neurologist in December. 
            December, the Neurologist admitted my daughter to the hospital, to “break the headaches” and to detoxify her from over prescribed ibuprofen, 3 days later, a prescription for Topimax and a discharge and the headaches, still present.  Two follow up appointments to the Neurologist and 2 increases of the prescribed medicines, both the pediatrician and the neurologist are part of the same university hospital, 1 floor and 1 building apart from each other and along the course of diagnostics, a full sight test ordered, blood workup ordered and other than an increase in meds, no other testing or explanations given and at one point, she was offered birth control pills, because the side effects of the migraine medicine is if she has a child, the child will be born with cleft lip and / or cleft pallet.  She at the time of this whole mess was 13 and over a year later, no solutions and costly to insure, by the way, along with her required wellness visits and orthodontic appointments, she missed a total of 25 days in school, was classified as “truant” even with Doctor’s statements and a Hospital statement.  How costly?  Each repeat visit was charged: Hospital fee, doctor’s fee, and medication costs.  This is what the insurance company paid, each time the visit was repeated in a University hospital, take a moment to examine that logic, they get paid a salary after years of study, which, is funded in part by insurance and the rest, co payments and parking fees. I am certain my child is not alone, thousands of patients, costing millions of dollars for an extended care path because the now health industry is remediated to finding the easiest and most cost effective solution, versus what once was options set before the patient with open discussions of what would be best and following that path, doesn’t sound much different until you look at the money invested, hence, bad healthcare that is littered with not only this example, but thousands of them affecting lives every day coupled with sickest and youngest first, feels a bit colonial and expensive.
            Recently, millions of lives were turned upside down, by a group known as the Impact team, who hacked and released the information of those millions of people, enrolled in a website known as Ashley Madison, and within a day the world knew who they were, what emails they used, who paid for it, who is famous and enrolled in its grasp, and yes, many “public” apologies were made, especially those persons most embarrassed by it.  The site’s slogan, “Life’s short, have an affair” and while the exact numbers will be hard to pin point, some 80% of the subscribers were men and among those were men who live in regions in this world that could be put to death because of it.  Shall we think on this just for a moment, men committing an act so heinous in the eyes of their country, beliefs and laws that death is the end result, time to start thanking the Lord above that you live in America or some other country that doesn’t condone that, even still, the desire or allure of this magic was strong enough to make persons compromise morals, those same morals that saturate our news every day, those same morals many are now saying have gotten so far out of hand, it may never recover. 
            It mostly goes unspoken because of the taboo factor, but the bare fact is that humans desire what they don’t have, especially if the grass looks greener on the other side or they may gain some self satisfaction from it.  Sadly, women are the focus of said attention and men are the apes that will say they can hang the moon if it means getting to the desired goal, sometimes it includes a little pooh slinging.  Fingers pointed with the apologies out of the way and the Ashley Madison fiasco gets replaced with Kim Davis, a KY clerk who refuses to issue marriage licensing to the LGBT community and why, she says it is an infraction upon her own religious views that do not allow for marriage to be between anyone other than a man or a woman.  Here’s the problem: The Supreme Court of the US declared that the issuance of said licenses is acceptable because it does not violate Constitutional Law, this is critical, because many interpret that ruling to mean that it is a law that must be followed, when in fact, it is not a law, but a ruling on the Constitutionality of this issue, they voted and so it became, that is what they do.
            The backlash from this fiasco, other than saturating our minds daily, is that this county clerk was warned by a judge to do her job as elected and assigned to uphold the Constitution of this country, which she refuses, based on her religious views and was held in contempt of court for it.  That is not all, the backlash went even further when other persons cited that you cannot arrest and detain someone for just their religious beliefs, Mike Huckabee coming to visit her and the two of them raising their hands as though they just won the WWE King of the Ring contest and mix in some “oath keepers” who threaten intervention and we got us a good old fashioned mudslinging religious themed politically incorrect battleground for who is more right, her or the Supreme Court.  Pause, re-read why she was incarcerated, then rejoin here.  This might be or could be Historic, if religion wins over constitutionality, if it does, Roe vs. Wade is in deep jeopardy and so are any death penalty rulings when the inmate confesses to Christ being his savior, so much to think upon and thirst for, our Truth Glasses may need some cleaning if we continue to see the muck being spread, Bad Marriages, Bad Relationships indeed.
            Every day I pass by an officer of the law, I wonder how much inward stress are they hiding, how much discomfort outside of the central offices do they feel when they patrol the streets of the USA and abroad.  Only because of my own educational background and curiosity do I know what barrage of testing it takes to become an officer, let alone the history of why now they must resort to shooting as a line of self defense because they fear for their own safety or the safety of those persons around them, that being an eminent danger, history will show that their baton (bludgeon) was also the heart of said controversy and only the curious or criminologist knows it.  Yes, it sucks to get a speeding ticket or having them disrupt our day for a few moments, but you know what is worse, hitting someone head on at a high rate of speed on a highway and killing two kids, two adults and landing the rest in critical condition fighting for their lives.  Then comes the silence, the pain of loss, much like the same pain of loss of the officers who were maliciously hunted in Texas and every other state in our country simply because they represent our only line of sanity from chaos, the law.  This country, since before Abraham Lincoln has fought for the rights of those persons of minority race, including statements that all men are created equal and not even women, unless they are in that minority, can say that the struggles to be free and equal are near what they have endured just to get to the point where we are now.  Where we are now is stuck in a battle for whose lives matter most, in direct terms, “Black Lives Matter” “Police Lives Matter” “All Lives Matter”. 
            Where have we gone to have come so far, to have fallen so far behind that now, as well as youth, officers and families are losing their lives because they choose to defend your right to a safe environment and then along comes our spectacular media, to “shed new light” on the controversy, where no one wins and the uproar of violence ensues, riots that cost innocent by standers millions in damage, jails to overflow with those whom are caught looting or attacking officers, guns being a focus of attention with bans needed and stricter laws while we forget the mental health of a community who also is just as violent, but ignored, disturbed and agitated enough to enter a movie theater and kill anyone they see or are near, causing patrons to now be searched upon entry, much like our schools now have officers or armed persons and a lock down sequence in case of threat, our society is building an interior prison system that will soon include walls around the continent we live on, I ask, is this what we want, is this the American Dream?  History has taught us nothing other than to respond to injustice with violence in numbers, instead of protesting and fighting to change the laws, change the training, change the influence of it all, yet we claim to say the black man is free because of the civil war, when we banned a battle flag over a hundred years later after its unfurling, and dare to call it a racist symbol.  The Duke boys bow their heads while William Cosby sits free to roam after giving a deposition of drugs and sexual sodomies close to rape, we are in an uproar all over, we want justice but we want Donald Trump for President and screw Hillary Clinton and her email scam, right? Do you not see the distractions? Bad, bad prosecutions, because the public crucified them long before the justice system either upheld or acquitted them, yet no one is satisfied, no one is talking of what to do to move forward, we would rather point fingers, shame them, crucify them as lesser than anyone else, the public court, worst at what they do unless it’s obvious, right O.J.?
            Who among us can say it is easy to feed nearly seven billion people, though the numbers vary daily depending upon disaster or region of doom.  Monsanto scientists worked to make a product that is more resilient to the common items that can kill yields, it includes pesticides for certain insects, disease resistance, drought resistance and a host of other unknowns.  Along with those same set of thoughts, we have growth hormones to speed up size and availability of portions so that we can continue to enjoy our fried chicken, steaks and breakfasts.  We freak out when products are recalled, but pay no attention to the rise in Autism that is linked to some of the foods we eat that in particular are “modified”.  Fundamentally, there is so much we need to rethink, what are we doing to ourselves when we are willing to risk our health just to eat, and this doesn’t include the things we don’t think about, such as soy, which is found in soy milk, or the millions of uses for corn in medicine, medicine that comes with side effects, for example: Will cure your headache, but you will likely pee bright orange or have constipation, possibly even a bleeding ulcer, but hey, your head won’t hurt any longer. This line of thinking has spilled over into our dietary areas as well.
            Cut out the sugars, but here, have a max dose of vitamin B something while we kick in some concentrated caffeine and other ingredients to kick start your day.  When you go to the doctor for blood pressure problems and they look at you and say, let’s try the Dash diet and cut out caffeine, salts, fats and eat more fish, you can look forward to the DT’s as well from the withdrawal of your addiction that eventually caused your artery and vein walls to become like a lead pipe, while a handful of your friends get hospitalized for heart palpitations that are out of control, hard facts to face but they are real.  My own father was told to eat more Beta Carotene and to take a multivitamin with a Beta booster, the end result he earned Cancer, cancer we later discovered that could have been caused by ingesting too much Beta Carotene, too much causes it, he died at 67 years old.    
            Now the move is on for organic foods and homeopathic medicine paths, interesting to me, when medicine was first practiced, herbs and potions including marijuana were the go to items and including opiates for certain pains, as well as the old standby, amputation, and then along comes science and chemistry and bang, an industry who fights over who can make a Viagra better, the best part, we get to see the advertisements on television while we argue about keeping our public health, private, sharing jokes of the potential side effects with your co-workers around the water cooler at work.  So you fish more, you eat less salts, you eat less fats and find out that diet is affecting you, you over did it, much like our example in the opening section of Bad Healthcare, except this time, you caused it, not a doctor, not a medical industry, you.  In essence, we want the benefits without the work, we want the good without the bad and want someone else to hand it to us, guarantee us that it won’t kill us so we can continue to live rich full lives, this isn’t the American way of life is it, of course not, it’s just Bad Medicine.
            Finally, in this article, we will touch on a very sensitive subject, Planned Parenthood.  This organization has been accused of being an abortion factory, due to some “undercover” video that was taken.  The subject has sparked numerous debates throughout the globe with both sides shouting their views and of course, the media there to keep the spin going as long as they can, and viola, millions of persons faced with a terrible decision are now the spectacle of everyone’s eyes.  The bible thumpers step up and shout ungodly items, the Christian followers shout faith and tolerance while being persecuted for their views, the vigilante’s who long to see the “murders” brought to justice still throwing their spears of hate and fear mongering, the peaceful who pray for the lost lives daily, silently weeping for all.  My own eyes reading about this organization with Truth Glasses in hand, ready to pounce on the unholy entity, discovers that not only are the women in question 25 and older who have these done, the pap smears, disease prevention, early pregnancy programs and sexual education processes are top in the nation and serve a much higher purpose other than to cause human life to be lost.  We judge this because the unspoken voice never got their say, no one takes into consideration how the host feels because she doesn’t feel the way the majority does, she is a whore or some degenerate who doesn’t deserve bread, when in fact she too is human and just like all of us when we feel we have little choice, the extreme condition persists and becomes the only option. 
            We speak of our right to privacy, yet no one questions when a camera goes into a clinic and films, we speak of our right to be heard, but would rather be violent than diligent, we want peace but don’t want gun control, we don’t want war but are willing to give a green light to nuclear use, we hate hunger but we make fun of anyone on food stamps not to mention the jokes of welfare which doesn’t’ apply to struggling families everywhere AND veterans who put their lives on the line for this great nation, we want a strong leader but are willing to put the spotlighted choice on the lesser of all the bad choices we are given and that doesn’t include succubus’s like Donald Trump, who boast about deporting dirty Mexicans or marrying their daughter if he wasn’t her father, brags on eminent wealth yet is massively in debt and has filed bankruptcy multiple times and has no problem insulting anyone he dislikes and is leading in the polls for the GOP.  The GOP, the same party who for the last 12 years has done everything they can to shut down the government because of a black President who declared healthcare to be mandatory for everyone and the Supreme Court upheld as constitutional.  Shame on us all, we should all be so lucky to have a place to call our home, one where we can shout, protest, kill, burn, and riot, sensationalize on national television and still go home at the end of the day to bitch about it all.  Seriously, Bad Medicine for our troubled world.

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