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Article by: Scott Hall (scotthall.cnj@gmail.com)

          Dare to dream a little dream or two.  Reach the stars, your dreams can come true. A bit of history will start us off on this opinion piece.  I ask, each person who reads this article, think a moment on what you want for the United States of America and the citizens within. Try to place yourself, in the halls of times past and the lack of practical technologies, the lingering future and the hopes of a few thousand, placed in the hands of one persons leadership and then watch it grow.  I think it would be a neat game, if a programmer were to create a game called America: Destiny, the platform would put the player as every President in known history, facing each of those problems and the outcomes would be based on the players decisions, be them good, bad or accurately historic. All fantasy aside, please, read this article with an open mind and do give some of its contents some critical thought, feedback is welcomed. Thank you. Author, Scott Hall.

          A long time ago, in a country just beginning to find its way, there were some people, noted in History, as our founding fathers. Fed up with a Monarchy, heavy and overbearing financial oppression and religious segregation, a handful of countrymen, inspired many to join in and fight for freedom upon a new land.  Many people paid the ultimate price with their lives, so that those known as the founding fathers could establish and form a Constitution. This document, carefully formed and thought out, represents the notion, that the people of this great nation are actually the deciders of how this country grows and protects its own people, the very same ones who took to the streets and country sides to fight, including the people of the future generations who, have done and will do the same, by taking up arms to defend their rights to be Free of Tyrannical rule and dictatorships heavy laden with Oligarchy or Over reaching powers. We know this to be true, as “We the People” is embossed within its opening words and cemented in all staples of the USA’s History.

            This same group of men also saw fit, to allow the people to change those who represent them, by voting and that the voice of the people, through votes cast would be part of that same Constitution, written for the people, by the people of a young, United States of America.  History will show, many great things happening, many tragedies that shaped or changed how the country grew and faced those challenges, not even our founders said that change or growth would be easy and in truth, if we add up the bloodshed, the beatings, the public persecutions and segregation's that went on for decades, this country has many dark moments.  In each of those dark moments, came major change, but only after the struggle to do what is right, not just what is popular unfolded. From alcohol to voter’s rights, women’s rights to now, people’s rights and an American Lives rights to affordable Health care while still facing a changing world, full of persons who wish to harm as many of us as they can or are able.

            What our country faces now, is really not much different than the challenges faced by an early Congress and President, how best to take care of and serve the very people who elected all persons in office.  Yes, it includes bringing in revenue and hoping that the revenue spent is indeed for the benefit of all Americans.  I firmly believe that in our cores, the people of these United States don’t really believe that America needs to be made great again, it needs some fixing in a lot of areas, but America is, was and always will be, great.  Thinking in terms of what the United States could use to help all Americans, I have compiled a list of things that we should all want and if those elected officials cannot make it happen and make it fair for all, and then we need fresh minds in office that can.

1:  Term Limits on every member of Congress, no more than 2 terms can be served.  If being a politician is a career, then all Colleges and Universities, under graduate studies and elementary teachings MUST include courses designed to assist citizens to become professionals in that field and once you decide to do so, then the salary of your office will surely be adjusted as you are now working under contract for the people of the United States of America and must renew your application to continue working in that office, every year, paying dues just like many professionals do who hold certain licensing or prestigious offices.

2:  Salary caps on those offices held, our representatives and leaders should NOT be getting rich off of taxpayer money designated for salary, eliminate the lifetime pension and all members must purchase their Health Care from the same outlets given to all Americans and cannot receive preferential treatment because of the office they hold, in other words, just because you stubbed your toe, makes you no more entitled to a band aid when any American does the same, sans the President.

3:  Caps on Health Insurance premiums, so that no American has to worry about how affordable the insurance is, eliminate the sliding scale premium based on credit score, pre existing conditions or anything that affects the premiums cost, in short, people get sick, some more than others and if you’re really wanting to stop the Cancers and such, stop making the things that trigger it, that means over sight.

4: A cap on costs of Medical treatments such as pharmacy costs with stricter regulations on the medicines themselves.  We do want to cure things and feel better while we live our lives, but don’t give us a drug to treat a headache that makes our muscles atrophy or pee ourselves, we are NOT guinea pigs.

5:  Boost spending on Education, you want the best, help them to get there by investing in the very people living right here in the USA. Better teachers with more resources means more opportunities for students to learn and grow, increase the amounts in the grant programs and make colleges more attainable to all.  If you allow privatized schools, that means they are a business and should not hold special exemptions nor be allowed special privileges, tax them fairly and include Congressional oversight so that any “profits” are invested back into the students or the facility and not into some CEO’s pocket book.

6:  Eliminate the IRS and replace them with multiple accounting firms, designated for each region and adjust the withholding rates, based on the individual’s percentage of contribution in that region.  It’s no secret that our top earners need to pay more of their share, so, no more easy loopholes, everyone gets a standard set of deductions and since business’s are considered people, tax them the same as you would a citizen.  There are only two ways to eliminate debt, raise revenue or cut spending, if we cut programs that assist people and not the ones that suck up the most money, we are only setting ourselves up to have one or two tax brackets fund the majority of the costs while the rest get drank dry with no chance at recovery.  It’s money, not rocket science.

7:  Pay our Soldiers and Veterans their dues.  No cost health coverage, more facilities and specialize in a PTSD and other effects of war and service department.  These folks paid a serious price, their sanity is worth it and their sacrifices speak for themselves. Give them whatever equipment they need and if the contracted people asked to build those things can’t deliver on time, then give the military some factories, this will promote a new set of skills and perhaps put a major stamp on truly, American Made items.  Don’t ignore the needs of these citizens and that includes a fair wage while serving, at the very least, we owe them that since they are being asked to put their lives on the line every single day and at any beckon call.

8:  Eliminate the Electoral College popular vote’s wins every election, every time.  Go ahead, have your conventions, but include in them: The independent’s convention and any other party listed on the ballot, they all deserve equal access and application, goodbye fat cats in your party’s cast for a candidate, the people should speak always, loudly and clearly.

9:  The roads, bridges, sewers, water treatment and factories that are a part of this nation, all need to be modernized and in doing so, find a cleaner output so that the health issues that face us, due to air, water, food or what have you, are diminished.  We want these things safe all of us see the potholes, cracks, rust, age and corrosion on many of these things, so get to work, make them great again, create jobs and reduce the jobless rate by investing in the countryside, coal and other CO2 producing companies need to find and implement better ventilation and exhaust systems to reduce the smog and soot filling our air and our children’s lungs.

10:  Anytime, the Federal government shuts down, all members lose their salaries for the month it happens and stays a free job until they pass legislation that keeps our countries Government running, with all the tax money being paid in for you to do your job, not presenting a budget on time is not only morose, but inexcusable. Fail to pass a budget twice in any 5 year period, and all members of those seats, whether or not they have reached their second term, lose their seat on the next election cycle.

11:  Enact a Federal agency, designed to oversee all law enforcement agencies that are NOT part of the Federal Government, allot them a budget, that helps bring all departments up to par in technology, staffing, resources and salaries.  Our first responders stand up to most all disasters, so why not allow them the same safety and ability as we do our military? All Lives Matter, so why not make it a death penalty crime for killing any first responder, a felony for assault against a first responder and equip all emergency medical personnel with overdose antidotes and anyone who has one administered, has to go to a facility to get clean for a mandatory 6 months, if they leave or refuse, 2 years in jail.  The drug problem is everywhere from narcotics to recreational items we can find a way to reduce the impact if we look at the cores of the problems including, no methadone clinic can administer the drug to a patient and send them home, those patients require monitoring, not a here’s your weekend doses, don’t kill yourself.

12:  Control immigration, by sending anyone caught to be here without proper ID or reasonable visa status, to Ellis Island, enroll them in a citizenship program to become citizens and assign them the jobs to rebuild our infrastructure while waiting, they will not receive any “free” assistance to a degree, they must use their earnings to pay their fair share and if it means healthcare, food, shelter or other, a percentage of that pay goes toward those needs, equivalent to the benefits they would have otherwise been given for free.  If they refuse to become a US citizen, deport them to their home country or another country willing to accept them, if they are caught three times, prison for 10 years in a Federal Facility where they will earn credits for time served, by completing citizenship courses.

            Yes, living in America isn’t perfect, hell at times when we see things on the news of goings on within our own borders, we are all likely to go out and buy new locks. The majority of our country, live their lives in peace and work hard to provide for their families and a few actually want their tax dollars spent better than what it is now and for the right reasons.  We all deserve to be treated as humans, even if our money levels aren’t the same.  To say the poor are looking for a hand out is the same as saying no tax breaks for the rich, both are financial class statements of how one views the other, as though a poor child can’t be a doctor or a rich person a homeless shelter inhabitant, the biggest problem we face right here in our own backyards, is ourselves.  Look at what we are allowing: Mockery, Oligarchy, Weaponizing computers, Social unrest, Brutal violence and needless gun violence, Education that will bankrupt most students by causing them irrational debt in the name of higher education, while not allowing them a living wage based on their skills, Opioid addiction, Help Systems abuse, Increasing Homelessness (we have a homeless town in our country known as tent city, think about that), Veterans being ignored or waiting months to see someone for less than stellar care, Endless racisms and the end of Historic Monuments in the name of “offensiveness”, well I too am offended, I’m offended by all the dumbing down of our citizens and suppression of free thinking, I’m offended we have allowed ourselves to be sucked into class warfare, I’m offended that wealth equal education and that if you don’t make enough money, tough, your life is in the skilled workers world, where physical injuries happen often and disability is a possibility or even death, I’m offended we elected someone who promised to rid the special interests but stockpiled the wealthiest persons in the White House’s history and even said, “I just don’t want a poor person in that position, does that make sense?”, I’m offended that we have ignored history’s lessons, that we have thrown out being decent, respectable persons toward the world and each other, I’m offended that any world leader would threaten nuclear destruction and stay in power without consequence from the world and their own countrymen and finally, I’m offended that we allow terrorists to have any say so in this world at all, as a global community, there should be no debates or barters or deals made to deal with this growing global problem, it should be, whose ass needs kicking and where, I’m offended that we all dare to sell arms to anyone and say, we need to have gun control, why not just melt them down the answer is obvious, money rules your world, I’m all for the people of this nation growing, learning, becoming more than they ever could imagine, but none of this will be possible, until we rid ourselves of the things plaguing our nation now, we will never overcome these challenges by taking them all on at once, but for the love of God, focus and get it done the American way, with Liberty and Justice for all. “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men [and women] are equal.” 

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