We are enthusiastically introducing a new publication called Criminology and Justice. While the publication will be offered in both digital and printed formats, it is primarily a digital form of media. Our goal is to provide current criminological and legal world news and articles drawn from professional perspectives and delivered in a form that is intended for all audiences. We hope to become the number one reference source for current events in the field and have great expectations for this original and innovative idea! We are currently seeking collaborators for this project. We need people to write in the following areas: today's news, news analysis, field and subject analysis, opinion columns, blog, reports and interviews. Those who choose to write for the Opinion Column and Blog will be required to submit three or four publications per week. In order to better ensure that the information we print is accurate and relevant, while we are primarily seeking criminologists, sociologists, lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists, public or private safety professionals, philosophers, professionals working in prisons, scientists who study criminal behavior, and journalists with knowledge of criminology and justice, we are also interested in current students studying in these various related fields and have strong writing skills. We want professionals who can write clearly and in a fashion that the average person can understand. Articles must be unpublished prior to submission to Criminology and Justice Publications. We are aiming for each collaborator to agree to submit a minimum of seven articles during a quarter. Not every article submitted will be published. Publishing depends upon a number of factors and an article not being published doesn't mean that it was considered unworthy. Any article not published will be returned to the sender so that they can have to opportunity to publish through another media source. All articles must pertain to the suggested content of the publication and sources must be verifiable. We are an evolving publication, and as such, funding is tight. We will pay our writers through advertisements. Spanish articles can earn up to 30% of the funding that the advertisements for that article’s page advertisements bring in. English articles can earn up to 50% of the funding for their advertisements. Each advertisement accumulates money based on the number of clicks it receives. The benefits will be calculated every three months and each person will receive their portion of the proceeds at that time. The portion a person can earn is partly determined by the amount of interest our viewers have in the ads accompanying the article, this will be driven by the amount of articles a person writes. This means that more articles equate to more advertising opportunities, which potentially equates to higher earnings on the whole.Now is the time to get in and get involved with this exciting new publication! If you are interested, or have specific questions as to our format, please contact Elizabeth Hall, and please attach a CV, or resume along with a sample of your work and include which area of interest you have within our guidelines in the subject area of your email.

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