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Our goal is to present higher quality articles and professional insights that are devoid of sensationalized view points and present them to the public so that the readers of these articles are informed and comfortable in their own understanding of what is happening in the Criminology fields as well as the news and world.Our writers have a vast experienced background and knowledge of their respective specialties, which, makes this blog particularly useful in its higher value information.

The truth about our world is often covered up in segmented environments, meaning that so long as we continue to dig deeper and ask the tougher questions, we will continue to uncover items or facts to help us find the truth. And focus this blog’s staff takes to heart: the truth is out there and once it is discovered, it empowers the people to influence positive change.

Whether that truth is one of Child Safety and the predators that are out there, or is our Food Supply really safe, to hard hitting questions about Conspiracies, the staff and writers reveal what is truth and dedicate their articles to its application. Dedication by our staff makes us versatile and if you like what you read and want to help support our cause, please make a donation. We respect your security and know that it is important to you, which is why we use PayPal as a means of making those donations. We take pride in knowing our readers can trust our staff and will do everything we can to assure that trust is never broken maliciously.

We invite all readers to comment on the articles and reviews they read as we encourage healthy debate and discussion. Please refrain from using vulgarities in your comments. We ask politely to keep it clean, so we can share those views or points of interest with the entire globe. We respect the general rule of Netiquette : no foul language, no inappropriate innuendos or conversations. We do reserve the right to not post your comments and those that are posted are generally not edited on content, we do edit grammar mistakes and thus giving the readers the benefit of seeing the whole context, which allows greater debate platforms. If you would like to participate in our project, please contact the project manager by email at this address:projectmanagercjmag@gmail.com we want to hear from you, do not hesitate to mail us.

Thank you for reading our Criminology&Justice Digital Media Blog.

Project Overview

The Criminology and Justice project is a publication that emerged from the recently formed Balearic Criminological Society. One of the main objectives of the publication is to make the latest in criminology and its related disciplines accessible to all audiences, academic or otherwise. The original intent of the BCS centered on a magazine to be published periodically and distributed amongst its members. However, as the weeks progressed, the format had grown in scope to the point that it took the form of a digital diary with the name of Criminology and Justice. Several editions are expected to be published, including current editions in Spain and the United States.

The purpose of these journals is to present news and articles related to criminology and the law bereft of the sensationalism common in today’s media and with an emphasis on scientific validity. While the content may be derived from professionals and specialists in relevant fields, we may also include material in world formats derived from world governments and the professionals within, it is not solely intended for an identical audience. The goal is to present to all readers an attractive and educational format which includes articles and papers with a higher standard of quality and real- world application than is commonly available in most forms of media that is normally exposed to the public.

To accomplish this, we are building a large network of specialists who advocate for the disclosure of scientific knowledge to the public.As a society, most of us are aware that the normal media coverage of crime, criminology and related subjects is undertaken with a sensationalist approach and, in many cases, portrayed with a significant lack of awareness of the actual situation and the implications many may misunderstand. It is for these reasons that C&J will strive to fulfill a much- needed role for the benefit, not only of our collective disciplines, but of society itself.

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